The Bachelor Season 24: Fans applaud Natasha for standing up to the Hannah Brown drama

After Hannah B came back in the last episode, Peter canceled the date but Natasha didn't take it sitting down

                            The Bachelor Season 24: Fans applaud Natasha for standing up to the Hannah Brown drama
Natasha Parker (ABC)

While most of the contestants usually just try to agree with what Peter Weber says on 'The Bachelor', Natasha Parker had enough of Hannah Brown's drama and fans are loving her for it. After Hannah B came back in the last episode and went on to talk about how she felt about Peter, leaving him confused, the date was canceled. Peter said he just wasn't in the right state of mind to be on the date after the emotional drama. 

This week, Natasha took it up with Peter. She let him know that he couldn't untangle his emotions at the expense of the girls and Twitter is applauding the woman.

"Shoutout to Natasha for saying what we were all thinking about Hannah Brown," said one fan, while another wrote, "Natasha is the baddest bitch to ever be on this show." A third fan said, "A woman actually speaking her mind shouldn't be considered a flaw when did this s*** started to happen?"

Fans also advised Peter to keep her around. One said, "Peter needs to wake the fuck up. He needs the shit slapped out of him! Natasha needs to set him straight always. Peter, she's a good one! Keep her." Another tweeted, "Peter you want the truth? Ask Natasha."

Natasha has so far been almost no drama and has managed to keep her cool and be respectful, yet fun.

This week, on the fashion show for Revolve, she strutted her stuff in some really cool pieces but unfortunately didn't win. Fans think that she really stood out and they are mad she didn't get acknowledged for her sense of style. "Natasha SLAYED that runway. We love a black queen," said one fan while another tweeted, "Okay people are talking about Victoria F. and Hannah Anne but Natasha should have won that fashion show. Her outfits were fabulous."

Natasha was also the one to point out to the girls that Peter couldn't move forward if his ex was always around. Looks like she takes no "disrespect" and fans love her for it.

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