'The Bachelor' Season 24: Who is Hannah Ann? All you need to know about the show's most 'hated' contestant

She is the most controversial participant in the mansion and fans surely think she screams trouble

                            'The Bachelor' Season 24: Who is Hannah Ann? All you need to know about the show's most 'hated' contestant
Hannah Ann (ABC/Eric McCandless)

'The Bachelor' Season 24 might be only two episodes down, but the series already has one contestant that is the most controversial. She is hated not only by the other women vying for Peter Weber's heart but also by fans and viewers.

Hannah Ann entered 'The Bachelor' Season 24 and while we assumed she wouldn't be that much of a disaster and drama stirrer, we were proved wrong on the very first night when she interrupted the other women talking to Peter so that she could talk to him. Though Peter seemed to like the attention and interruption, she placed a target on her back in the mansion and ruffled some feathers. 


On the episode on January 13 night, there was more drama revolving around Hannah during the champagne gate scene. During the cocktail party, we witnessed Kelsey keep a 2-year-old bottle of wine near the fireplace, waiting for Peter to come back so she can share it with him because she didn't get a chance to do so during the first night. 

Right after Kelsey walks back inside, Hannah and Peter walk towards the fireplace and notice the bottle of champagne there. They assume that it was left for them by the producers. Peter opens the bottle and pours it for the two of them. But a furious and emotional Kelsey walks in and accuses Hannah of doing it on purpose, even though Hannah was telling the truth that she didn't know the bottle of wine was hers.

Though this was not her fault, she still is among the most hated contestants in the mansion, and fans also affirm that she screams trouble. So who is Hannah Ann? 

She is Bachelor contestant Hannah Godwin's friend 

Hannah is apparently close friends with Hannah Godwin who appeared on 'The Bachelor' Season 23 vying for Colton Underwood's heart. Post her appearance on 'The Bachelor', Godwin went on to appear in 'Bachelor in Paradise' and is now engaged to Dylan Barbour. While it is not clear how the two know each other, their social media posts date back to 2018 with most of it being modeling shoots. 

A model and an actress

During her pre-taped package at the beginning of the episode, we knew that she was a model. Hannah is represented by Model Club and the Campbell Agency. She has been featured not only online and print but also on the bottle of Ultra Downey Odor Protect. She has also appeared in Chris Lane's music video, 'I Don't Know About You'.

Hannah Ann, Peter Weber (ABC)

A former beauty pageant contestant

Just like Peter's former love, Hannah Brown, Hannah Ann is also a former beauty pageant. She competed more than once in the Miss Tennessee beauty pageant. There was a video uploaded by Reality Steve that showcases her answering a question but went off rails and gave a completely opposite answer than what was asked of her. 

She's open about getting breast implants as a teenager

In a confessional video that was posted by Dr Ed Breazeale's social media page in 2018, Hannah opened up about getting her breasts done to help her modeling career while she was still a teenager. In the video, she says, "I was really anxious about it at first. I had never had any work done before, and I was really nervous because this is plastic surgery, and I wanted it to look as natural as possible. I also didn't want everyone to really recognize that I had had surgery. I wanted it to just be a gradual transition into looking more like a woman."

Her previous relationship lasted for four years

With Hannah being active on social media, there are a number of photos of her and her ex-boyfriend Ben Tayor on her profile. Her last photo with Ben was in February 2018, so one can assume that they might have broken up after Valentine's Day.

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