The Bachelor Season 24: Fans slam Hannah Ann after she claims she was 'bullied' by Kelsey

Hannah claimed Kelsey 'bullied' her after the infamous ChampagneGate and that she cried 'through the night' and it 'broke' her spirit

                            The Bachelor Season 24: Fans slam Hannah Ann after she claims she was 'bullied' by Kelsey
Hannah Ann (ABC)

This week, Lauren, Payton, and Courtney are sent packing from 'The Bachelor' but that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg as far as drama is concerned.

It appears that wherever Hannah Ann is, controversy follows. But this week, Bachelor Nation fans just couldn't deal with Hannah claiming she was "bullied" by Kelsey after the infamous ChampagneGate.

Long story short, Hannah opens a bottle of champagne that Kelsey had brought for Peter from her hometown in Iowa. Then, Kelsey lashes out at her. Hannah goes on to talk about this to Peter, seen as a suspicious move by the girls, and claims that she cried "through the night" and it "broke" her spirit. 

Now Hannah has not been the sweetest or nicest person so far into the season. Remember the time she kept barging into people's dates so she could talk to Peter and remember the very strange conversation she had with Shianne when confronted about her behavior? Well, fans are not buying her sorry act.

"Hannah Ann playing the victim card to Peter to secure that group date rose," wrote a fan, claiming that she was conniving and has no idea what she's talking about.

"I’m just gonna guess that miss Hannah Ann has never actually been bullied... someone telling you to fuck off and calling you a bitch after you sabotaged their idea isn’t bullying... it's actually mild compared to what I would've said," said another. A third one agreed and said, "Hannah Ann is SOFT is she thinks that is considered bullying."

A fan went on to call out Hannah's claims of being real to Lizzo's iconic micro purse from the AMAs last year. "Hannah Ann holding all her genuineness in her purse," tweeted the fan, next to a photo of the singer.  Some fans also called her out on her claims that she was crying the whole time. "Ummm when did Hannah Ann cry?? She seemed pretty indifferent to me?" tweeted one, while another said, "Hannah Ann is such a bully I'm over her."

However, Hannah does seem very close to Peter and judging by the hold she has on him, she could be a finalist.

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