'The Bachelor' Season 24: Madison Prewett's dad steals all the attention as fans compare him to Fix-It Felix

'The Bachelor' Season 24: Madison Prewett's dad steals all the attention as fans compare him to Fix-It Felix
Chad Prewett Troy Bolton (ABC/Disney)

Bachelor Nation fans cannot stop talking about Madison Prewett and Peter Weber's hometown date and not for the reasons you think. Fans seem to be obsessed with Madison's dad Chad Prewett, the director of Operations for the Auburn University basketball team. 

The date, that went fairly well, included an unsurprising basketball game at the university, followed by dinner with her family. Pete even confessed to Madison after dinner that he was in love with her, although she did not respond to the declaration. This should have been a huge thing for fans of the duo, who have rooted from them to be together since day one. Instead, Chad stole the thunder in front of their eyes. 

"Watching the latest episode of the Bachelor gives me serious High School Musical vibes, and I am convinced Madison's dad is Troy Bolton," said one fan while another chimed in comparing him to Fix-It Felix, from Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph'.

"So can Madison’s dad fix my sink? #fixitfelix". A third one said, "I’m sorry am I the only one who thinks Madison’s dad could be identical twins with the literal CARTOON CHILD from polar express??? #TheBachelor" Another said, "Why does Madison’s dad look like my elf on the shelf #TheBachelor."


"Madison’s dad Chad is not the assistant basketball coach at Auburn, he is actually rushing Sigma Chi," tweeted another. "How does Madison's dad look both 55 and 15?!" tweeted a fourth fan. 

While the fandom seemed to like Chad, some also took offense with his repeated use of 'pure' while referring to Madison. Peter may not have known it at the time but he was referring to Madison's virginity, that she's been 'saving herself for marriage'. 

"Hearing Madison’s dad say “she’s so pure” about his own daughter," said a fan cringing. "Madison’s dad is worried about her “purity” when he should be worried about his side bang," said another. A third one said, "Madison’s dad looks like he’s about to give some unqualified advice to small businesses #TheBachelor". Some fans were convinced it was a brother. "Pretty sure he’s her little brother. I felt like I was in a weird time warp version of Punked when they showed him," they said. 

Madison's hometown date went spectacularly well though and she got a rose at the end of the day. However, she still hasn't told Pete about her virginity and this week, ahead of the Fantasy Suite dates, she's going to drop that bomb on him. 


'The Bachelor' airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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