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'The Bachelor' Season 24: Natasha Parker could have been planted on the show by producers, claim fans

Natasha is said to be an event planner but her resume shows no sign of it, a detective-like fan noted
UPDATED JAN 13, 2020
Natasha Parker, Peter Weber (ABC)
Natasha Parker, Peter Weber (ABC)

There is rarely anything that ever escapes the observant eyes of Bachelor Nation fans and they think that there's a mole in the latest season of 'The Bachelor' featuring hot and single pilot Peter Weber. They also have a theory as to who it is. 

According to a Reddit user named Midnight Poet, it is one of the contestants, 31-year-old event planner Natasha Parker. Natasha is from NewYork and the official bio for her on the ABC website says that she is "here to prove that mysterious is sexy" and that she "plans parties for a living". However, the detective fan pointed out that her LinkedIn career history doesn't show any event planning at all.

The thread noted that for someone to be eligible for 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette' they cannot be "employees, officers, directors, and agents of.... subsidiaries and divisions of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc, Time Warner Inc". However, Natasha worked for HBO, a subsidiary of Time Warner and Warner Media. The Columbia College Chicago graduate worked as a production manager for HBO in the creative marketing production department.

The user also pointed out that Natasha is "close friends with Julie Plec, a producer on the show beginning in 2014. This friendship dates back to 2016 (as far as we know)". An Instagram post dating back to June 30, 2016, shows the two having a laugh with other friends, the user noted. 

"What's interesting is the timeline in regards to when Natasha was cast on the show and if she's a plant. It goes directly against their rules for her to even be in the cast if she applied anytime before early last year. This means that Natasha either applied and/or was scouted likely very early 2019 or very late 2018 and her casting process was fast," said the user. The fan also added that it took years for contestants like Peter Weber to be cast officially.

"So either this producer plant plan was quickly put in place for her to be on the show or it was more extensively put in place and she knew when she quit her job that she would be on the show or of course, that there's no conspiracy at all and by luck it all worked out that she ended up on the Bachelor as soon as she was eligible.... a show that typically takes years to get on and she was ineligible except for the 8 months between when filming would have begun and she quit her job."

Fans also seem to agree with this theory because well, there haven't really been sparks flying between Natasha and Peter. "It's clear to me that Natasha is not interested in Peter romantically whatsoever so this doesn't surprise me at all," said a user.