'The Bachelor' Season 24 paints Kelley as villain but fans aren't having it: 'She's a lawyer, he's a sandwich'

Kelley goes home roseless and she feels pretty okay but not before the show tries to make her look arrogant and rude

                            'The Bachelor' Season 24 paints Kelley as villain but fans aren't having it: 'She's a lawyer, he's a sandwich'
Kelley Flanagan (ABC)

'The Bachelor' suffered a loss this week and it walked out the mansion's doors in the form of Kelley Flanagan. Peter hands out roses like candy to Victoria F, despite her hundredth meltdown and Hannah Ann, who was surprisingly likable this week. Kelley goes home roseless but feeling pretty okay with herself, but not before the show tried to make her look arrogant and rude. However, fans are not having it.

Kelley gets a group date with Pete, Hannah and Victoria and is seen waiting for her time with Peter. She then asks why she should stay for the coveted hometown date.

She said, "I think Peter just has to look at us, and think at the end of it, do I see potential in this girl to be my wife, yes or no. Hannah Ann she's what? 23 years old? She's just not in the right phase of her life to be in a relationship. And Victoria, she's always breaking down and crying. Overall she's just like a hot mess. I think he sees that, and I should be fine."

"Production did Kelley really dirty with the bullshit editing and I hope enough people are able to see through it so that she's not attacked," said a Bachelor Nation fan. Another tweeted, "Me watching ABC trying to brand Kelley as the villain: I think the f*** not #TheBachelor."

Another said, "Duuuuude they are editing Kelley sooo terribly right now. I think all her comments are being taken out of context. #TheBachelor." One tweeted, "When the producers tried to make Kelley the villain of the week but they only made her look more iconic."

Iconic is the word to describe Kelley in this episode. She takes a nap during the date, complains about walking too far to see Pete, and of course, does not back down when it comes to defending her pace in the relationship, among other things.

Some fans even compared her to Miranda Hobbes from 'Sex and the City' saying, "She was a lawyer. He was a sandwich."

Fans could not stop talking about it with one writing: "What did Kelley do to anger TPTB? She got a horrible edit tonight with an obvious attempt to make her a villain and torpedo any bachelorette chances." The fan went on to add, "The week before they gave her the frumpy grandma role on the soap opera. And it might be a silly observation but I noticed that hardly any of them follow her on Instagram. They really don’t like her. Which is a shame since she's one of the few I do like. I wonder if she frustrated them by not being cooperative."

Another fan wrote, "I think they did it to make Peter's choice look more rational than it was. Victoria came off terribly and they needed to have a good reason for him to not be into Kelley other than 'seeing her as a friend', or whatever."

Another wrote, "I think it’s cause I’m the last episode she said she wanted to have fun, rather than be obsessed with Peter or cause drama like contestants usually are like."

Another fan said, "Ok so every time Kelley says something "rude" they don’t show her actually saying it. soooo editing? #TheBachelor." Another fan tweeted, "There is no version of editing that can make me dislike Kelley 'I'm too good for you Peter' Flanagan."

Then, there are multiple edits where she is heard stressing on the fact that she's an attorney. The edits make it sound like she was implying that the women were somehow lesser than who she was. On the date, she tells him that even though Pete hated "fun", it was something she was looking forward to and wanted to take it nice and easy. Sounds right, right? But, she goes home. Unfortunately with Peter, a sob is what gets you a rose, it would seem.

"He's such a dummy. She's too advanced for him anyway," said a fan. Another tweeted, "Kelley: Relationships can be fun. Peter: So you're not going to cry?#TheBachelor." 

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