Will Bobby Bones be 'The Bachelor' for season 24? If so, fans reveal they aren't in favor of it

Will Bobby Bones be 'The Bachelor' for season 24? If so, fans reveal they aren't in favor of it

'The Bachelor' season 23 might have recently come to an end but fans cannot wait for the series to premiere its next season and are speculating who the next bachelor might be. 

Even though 'The Bachelor' franchise will soon premiere season 15 of 'The Bachelorette' on May 13 and 'Bachelor in Paradise' in June, a few fans are more interested to know more about the next season of 'The Bachelor.' 

Bobby Bones (L) and Sharna Burgess pose at 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 27 at CBS Television City on September 24, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Adding to the anticipation, recently season 27 winner of 'Dancing With The Stars' and 'American Idol' mentor Bobby Bones uploaded a post on his Instagram profile captioning it "Promo shoots. @abcnetwork . 🌹." Along with the caption, is a picture of Bones with a rose in his hand, which might hint he could be the next bachelor. 

After that post caught fans' attention, a fair few revealed if Bones happens to be the next bachelor, they are not in favor of it. "I watch Dancing With The Stars and barely dealt with him there. If he became the bachelor, Jesus take the wheel because I know I couldn’t deal with it. He seems nice but like just no," said a fan on Reddit. 

Adding to that another fan said, "He's already completely useless on American Idol this season. (Yes, I am one of the few watching, but maybe not after last night.) Keep him away from my Bachelor."



Some fans revealed they could maybe see him doing a guest appearance on the series but not as the bachelor himself. "I could see him doing a guest hosting appearance but no wayyyyy would he ever be the bach, for a ton of reasons, including being vocal af about his issues with love/capacity to be in love or be loved etc. He's got major baggage he talks about a lot in respect to relationships/romantic relationships." 



Though fans on Reddit revealed they aren't in favor of Bones becoming the bachelor, some followers of his Instagram profile revealed they would watch the show if he appears. "If you are The Bachelor or a contender on The Bachelorette, I will actually watch it for the first time in my life," said a fan. Adding to that another fan said, "same! I've never watched, but if Bobby is the Bachelor, I'm down to watch!" 

Though 'The Bachelor' season 24 has a long way to go before it premieres, 'The Bachelorette' season 15 will be premiering on ABC May 13. Check your local listings for more information. 

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