'The Bachelor' Season 23 'Women Tell All': Courtney Curtis shoves pacifier down Demi Burnett's mouth, fans appalled

'The Bachelor' Season 23 'Women Tell All': Courtney Curtis shoves pacifier down Demi Burnett's mouth, fans appalled

'The Bachelor' season 23 is reaching its end. With just two more episodes left, fans and viewers are impatient to see what happens. Will Colton Underwood get engaged? Will he lose his virginity? Does Cassie Randolph come back? So many questions and we have to wait till Monday to know those answers. 

Meanwhile, while we wait for the two-night finale, on Tuesday the series had its 'Women Tell All' special, and we witnessed 20 out of the 30 women appear on-screen. And if you are wondering about the drama, it is safe to say there was more than any other episode you have watched this entire season.


Underwood's fence jump was all but forgotten after witnessing the drama that happened on the 'Women Tell All'. We witnessed Demi Burnett be her same unapologetic self, Nicole Lopez-Alvar received a whole year's worth of Halo Top ice-cream. Katie Morton who was eliminated, spoke her mind before she left. She warned Underwood about the remaining contestants revealing not all of them are ready to get married.

This confession left Underwood and fans confused because no one knew who she was talking about. But when Morton appeared on the 'Women Tell All' special she revealed the contestants she was talking about were Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Keyes. Hannah Brown spoke about her chances as the bachelorette and Keyes finally had a confrontation with Underwood about why she got eliminated.

Though all this happened, the most dramatic element from the 'Women Tell All' special was the tiff between Courtney Curtis and Burnett. Burnett did not shy away from revealing what she really thinks of Curtis when she got called to the hot seat.

Burnett called Curtis the cancer of the house. And that was enough for Curtis to fume up. But this is one battle that Curtis had no chance of winning. When she knew that she had no chance to win against Burnett, Curtis called her immature and walked up to her and shoved a pacifier in her mouth. 


Though it might sound funny, it sure did not look like it. It was quite harsh and after watching Curtis' behavior, fans were not liking the way she treated Burnett. "I can’t believe Demi got assaulted, and no one stood up for her! What is wrong with people??!!!" wrote a fan. While another added, "They should be removing Courtney from the stage. She should never have left her seat and put her hands on another lady." 

Fans also pointed out that if they were in Burnett's place, they would have given Curtis a taste of her own medicine. "I would have gotten violent at that point!" said a fan. Another added saying, "Agreed. She would’ve absolutely caught a solid smack right in the face. Come at me violently and you’ll see real quick how much I care about 'it's just a joke' lmao."


The drama wasn't the only thing we witnessed on Tuesday's episode. We also got to see bloopers, and a lot of videos showcasing Underwood showering, which was, honestly, not needed. With all that said and done, we will have to wait till Monday for the finale. 

'The Bachelor' season 23 airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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