'The Bachelor' season 23: Hannah Godwin looks like she's had lip augmentation, fans reveal they preferred her old look

'The Bachelor' season 23: Hannah Godwin looks like she's had lip augmentation, fans reveal they preferred her old look

'The Bachelor' season 23 finally came to an end just a little over a month ago and since then we have been kept updated with Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph, and their fledgling romance through their social media profiles. 

That said, this couple aside, we haven't heard much from other contestants who took part in 'The Bachelor' season 23. We do know that Hannah Brown is 'The Bachelorette' for season 15. But other than her, we haven't heard so much from the other contestants. 


Recently, Hannah Godwin took to her Instagram handle and uploaded a picture of herself. She captioned the picture, "Have an hour to kill bc LA traffic is unpredictable lol soooo here’s a pic of my new hurrr! thank you #dphuehouse for the bangin new hair-dooo." 

Apart from donning a new hairstyle, fans noticed Godwin looked like she may have gotten new lip injections. Though Godwin looks gorgeous with her new look, fans revealed she looked better without lip augmentation. "I thought the smaller lips gave her a unique look and made her beautiful eyes stand out more, but to each, their own," wrote a fan on Reddit.


"I thought her smaller lips made her look like the original 1960's Barbie and I loved it," wrote another fan. Apart from that, some fans revealed that while she looks like she may have got lip injections, they hoped she did it for herself and not out of peer pressure. "I loved them too! She’s beautiful either way, but I really hope she did it because she genuinely wanted to and not because of peer/social pressure." 


"Beautiful. She looks a lot older now, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for her. So many people here were saying how she looked like a little girl or a high schooler before. She should stop now with the injections though. Anything beyond this would be too much," another fan said. 


Following this, some fans revealed Godwin might not have gotten lip injections, but just used a lip plumping gloss that she always talks about or maybe it was the angle the picture was taken. "I don't think she got them redone, I think it is just the angle of the picture and the mouth position that is making them look slightly different," said a fan. 

While another added, "I agree. And she also has stated she uses the same lip plumping gloss that I use and let me tell you it makes a huuuuuge difference." Godwin isn't the only contestant to get a new hairdo. Recently, Randolph took to Instagram and revealed that she got herself a new hairdo as well.

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