'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans appalled as Colton Underwood dumps Tayshia and Hannah G to run after Cassie Randolph

To see if Colton Underwood ever ends up with Cassie Randolph, watch the last episode of 'The Bachelor' when it airs tonight on ABC

                            'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans appalled as Colton Underwood dumps Tayshia and Hannah G to run after Cassie Randolph

'The Bachelor' season 23 finally kicked off its two-night finale on Monday. While we had to wait an entire week to see how long it took Chris Harrison to finally find Colton Underwood after he jumped the fence, it was pretty much worth the wait. 

Looking back at the season, there were 30 women who entered the mansion hoping to be the one Underwood would fall in love with. Sadly, not all of them could gain a special place in his heart as Cassie Randolph did. When the finale aired on Monday, we saw Underwood say that he is "done". He revealed that every time he puts himself out there, he gets hurt.

Underwood was stubborn about only wanting to marry Randolph, and not Tayshia Adams or Hannah Godwin who were left till the end. He then decided to head to their suites and breaks up with them.


This breakup came as a shock to both Adams and Godwin who thought that they would be the one Underwood chooses. But Underwood was determined that he had to convince Randolph that he really loves her and get her back. Randolph had dumped Underwood saying she does not want to get engaged to him because she does not think she is ready and left. That decision left him broken, which resulted in the most awaited fence jump. 

Underwood's decision to win back Randolph even after she left him in the middle of the night left fans and viewers appalled. He had two women who truly loved him but he dumped them and went running after Randolph. 


"Hannah G didn’t even get a date! Not going to spend another 2 hours watching Cassie being begged to date Colton," wrote a fan. While another added, "She literally said she wanted to move on from the situation. She didn’t want to be with Colton and he let go of two women who were all in for him."

Another fan said, "I don't get why no one addressed the elephant in the room. He dumped women who loved him for someone who doesn’t. His 'biggest fear' was someone not ready. Yet, he chases after the one not ready. He was warned about her. But it's a typical guy to chase the one who rejects him." 

Fans wondered if this entire scene might be scripted, after all, and that Underwood would get back with Randolph but, eventually, the duo will break up after the season finale ends.


To see what exactly happens and if Underwood ever ends up with Randolph, we will have to wait till the last episode of 'The Bachelor' airs tonight on ABC.