'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 9: Fans don't approve of Cassie Randolph's confused behavior that led to Underwood's heartbreak

Randolph revealed she doesn't feel the same way about Underwood as he does for her, and that she isn't ready to get married

                            'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 9: Fans don't approve of Cassie Randolph's confused behavior that led to Underwood's heartbreak

'The Bachelor' season 23 is nearing its end. On Monday when the ninth episode aired, we witnessed shocking revelations and heartbreaking moments. Though fans and viewers were excited for the ninth episode, what happened during the episode left them feeling sad for Colton Underwood. When the episode began, we saw Chris Harrison and Underwood have a small chat. After that, Underwood and the remaining three women headed to Portugal, all excited for the fantasy suite. Tayshia Adams bagged the first date in Portugal, she was invited by Underwood into the fantasy suite.



Even though everyone assumed that Underwood would end up losing his virginity to her, he didn't. The next day, the duo revealed they had a good conversation and Underwood even broke the news to Adams that he isn't in love with her. Meanwhile, Cassie Randolph received a surprise visit from her dad who talked to her and revealed he did not give Underwood his blessings to marry his daughter. 

Following Underwood's night with Adams, the next date was with Randolph. Underwood revealed he is in love with her. But sadly, Randolph revealed she doesn't feel the same way and that she isn't ready to get married. Though he tried his very best to convince her and make her stay, Randolph was bent on leaving.


Fans were shocked by her departure. Randolph leaving left Underwood shattered. After she left, he ripped the mic strapped onto him, and went on to jump a fence in a fell swoop. After watching this heartbreaking moment, fans pointed out how annoyed they were with Randolph and her confusing behavior.

"Cassie’s little baby voice drove me crazy tonight. And her ‘are you mad at me?’ Seriously? Just leave already Cassie. She really seemed like she didn’t want him but still wanted him to be head over heels for her," wrote a fan. While another added, "Cassie’s maturity (or lack there of) was really on display tonight. Stretching out the 'goodbye' for so long when she could've said ANYTHING apart from 'I don’t know I don’t know'. At the same time, she’s 23 and I don’t blame her for being confused, but use your words, woman!" 


While some fans pointed out how they feel about Randolph, others revealed they speculate Randolph joined the show to get a chance to become the bachelorette. "I always thought she wanted top 3 to be in bachelorette contention but when she got there she panicked and couldn't find an easy way out lol," said a fan.

While another fan added saying, "It's all speculation, really. The contestants said this specifically about Cassie and Caelyn right? So I think Cassie was hoping that her dad would be her 'out' but then she realized she was the winner. This is just my opinion/conspiracy lol, also when she told her dad that she knew what she was doing, she had a look on her face that I perceived as saying 'I have a plan, dont worry.'"  

Sadly, we have no idea what happens next. We will have to wait and see till next week's episode airs. Will Underwood pick someone to give his final rose to? Or will he continue to try to win Randolph over? 

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