'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 7: Fans are upset Colton Underwood sent Hannah Brown home

Hannah Brown might have been a snitch when it came to her issues with Caelynn Keyes, but this is not what she deserved

                            'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 7: Fans are upset Colton Underwood sent Hannah Brown home

When 'The Bachelor' aired Monday, we got to witness things we never imagined we would. Expecting to see Colton Underwood jump the fence as one of the trailers had revealed, could be defined as high hopes. The emotional scene was not featured in episode 7. But to keep up with the drama, the episode did reveal a lot of things. 

Starting from Underwood being determined to get answers from the remaining women, to contestants dissing on each other, fans got to witness it all. We witnessed Heather Martin bid goodbye to Underwood and quit midway during the group date, and we saw Tayshia Adams and Kirpa Sudick diss about Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Keyes. But the one thing no one expected to see was Hannah Brown being sent home, especially, in the saddest way imaginable.


When the episode started, we witnessed Brown get the first one-on-one date with Underwood. For their date, Underwood took Brown to see his family. While everyone assumed this meant Brown was the lead, they were in for a shock. After their date, while on their way back, Underwood revealed to Brown he isn't into her and don't see them together. Brown might have been a snitch when it came to her issues with Keyes, but this is not what she deserved.

And fans think so too. Following her elimination, fans were mad at Underwood for dumping Brown especially after he took her to meet his parents. "She was so crushed, but handled it with eloquence ... pretty crappy the way it happened and totally blind sided her. Especially after he took her to meet his family," wrote a fan.

While another added, "Man i was never a fan of Hannah B. She always just seemed to be over the top and too forcing when it came to their connection. But damn if my heart didn't break for her this past episode. She is absolutely right when she said she deserved more."

Apart from this, fans also stated it was bad of Underwood to lead Brown on and then dump her just like that. "I think it was awful that Colton took Hannah home to meet his parents. She probably thought she was going to get a rose; instead of being dumped. He was leading her on when he did that. There were other places he could have taken her. BAD decision. Are you sure [you're] ready for this?" a fan said.

Following her elimination, Brown has been receiving support from fans all over. They appreciated her for being strong and telling Underwood straight away she deserves better. "Enjoyed watching you Hannah B! You’ve been authentic, bubbly, excited, and vulnerable. Don’t let this world change you, farewell for now #TheBachelor," said a fan. While another added, "Hannah B with the 'I know. And You don’t deserve to meet my family if that’s the case' line. Yassss Queen. #TheBachelor."

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This might not be the last time we see Brown because fans are cheering her on and hoping she would be the next bachelorette or on 'Bachelor in Paradise.' 

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