'The Bachelor' season 23: Alex Dillon reveals the idea behind her sloth costume, says she had a blast

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, Alex Dillon revealed the idea behind the sloth costume and how she had a blast wearing it

                            'The Bachelor' season 23: Alex Dillon reveals the idea behind her sloth costume, says she had a blast

'The Bachelor' season 23 is done and dusted with three episodes. In them, we witnessed a humongous amount of drama, b***hy attitudes, and heartbreak. Colton Underwood, this series' very first virgin bachelor, had 30 women vying for his heart from the start. 

Sadly, not every woman can find a place in his heart. With the third episode aired Monday, the season is down to 15 contestants. Among the eliminated half is Alex Dillon, the 23-year-old Boston lady who dressed up as a sloth for her grand entrance. Dillon, though she didn't catch Underwood's attention, stole the hearts of fans during her short time on the show. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, she revealed the idea behind the sloth costume and how she had a blast wearing it.

Starting off Dillon revealed the Sloth is her absolute favorite animal. She said there were particular reasons as to why she chose that as her costume. "There are a few reasons why I decided to wear the sloth costume. The first one being, Colton likes to move slowly in his relationship. So, my line coming out of the limo was, 'I heard you like to take things slow...' So, that was the pun there. And the second factor is I heard that he absolutely loves sloths. So I thought that that would be a hit there. And one of the most important [reasons] is I thought it was just so fun," the former contestant revealed. 


After meeting Underwood at the entrance, Dillon managed to stay in costume and character and did not seem to worry that the other girls were looking at her. Talking about all the attention she was gaining due to it, Dillon said she had a blast wearing the costume and felt quite comfortable in it. Wearing her high heels and dressed head to toe in her sloth costume, Dillon also managed to climb a tree and hang from it before she met Underwood for their one-on-one time.

Talking about her experience climbing up the tree she said, "The tree was very low to the ground and then I saw that it would just make sense. The sloth's habitat is a tree so I thought there'd be no better thing to do than to go up in the tree. I wasn't there for too long, but it became such an important factor of the night and I thought it'd be a little fun thing to do."


Dillon furthermore revealed she didn't opt to come on the show until her friend nominated her because she was single. "After my friend nominated me, it fell into place from there. I wanted it to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And I was single so I thought that would be a great place to find a really high-profile candidate and someone who I knew was serious about getting [into] a relationship. So, I thought it would be the perfect way to find a good man," the 23-year-old added.

The former contestant was in her sloth costume until her one-on-one time with Underwood. She received good comments from the other contestants on and off camera. When we asked her how she felt about not making it to the next round, Dillon said: "I was disappointed. It was such a bold move. So, I thought it was going to be a hit or a mess. I was not too shocked. Of course, it was disappointing not to continue. I am sad that Colton did not get to experience time with me on a more personal level, but I am happy I'm getting some support right now." 


Revealing she has no regrets about being on the show, Dillon added that if given the chance she would be happy to come back as 'The Bachelorette' or in 'Bachelor in Paradise.' The one thing she regrets not doing though is spending more time outside her costume. She said that way Underwood would have been able to experience the authentic side of her.

Talking about her experience with Underwood she said, "Colton was great. He's very easy to talk to. I was very excited if you couldn't tell, so I thought the conversation was nice. I do wish I had let him speak a little bit more. I was excited, so I sort of word vomited all over him. But that's just kind of who I am and I get excited very easily. So it was a great conversation. I'm sad that he did not feel the same way. But for me, it was good. I thought it went well."


According to Dillon, the most memorable part of her night was exiting the limo because she had a lot of eyes on her and had to move really slow. Apart from that, she added that meeting the other women and getting to spend time with Underwood was also really memorable for her that night. Recently Billy Eichner pointed out Underwood might be the very first gay bachelor and we might not even know about it yet. When we asked Dillon about her thoughts on that, she said that there is no chance Underwood might be gay and that she does not believe it could be true.