'The Bachelor' Season 23 review: Did Elyse Dehlbom give up too soon? After all, the race has just begun

 'The Bachelor' Season 23 review: Did Elyse Dehlbom give up too soon? After all, the race has just begun

Everyone who watched 'The Bachelor' season 23's fifth episode on Monday were in for a big shock. Among the heaps of romance fans and viewers got to witness on that day, they also witnessed a fan favorite quit the season and leave the bachelor mansion. 

That contestant was none other than Elyse Dehlbom. It was quite an emotional moment when she revealed to Colton Underwood that she had decided to leave. Because she thinks that this is not what she signed up for and cannot handle Underwood being extremely close with other women. Apart from that, she said another reason for her to leave was that she wanted more time with Underwood and she knows she won't be able to get that. 




After Underwood finished his one-on-one date with Heather Martin, Dehlbom walked into his room and revealed the sad news of her decision. Though it came as a shock to Underwood, he didn't stop her. "You’re breaking my heart. I want the time and attention that a relationship deserves. I can't accept a proposal after a few months of sharing your time and attention with other people. I can't do it," Dehlbom told Underwood. "You want something that I can't promise. I listen to these girls talk about how much they're falling in love with you. This isn't working for me. I have to leave."

After her departure, Underwood revealed that it had reminded him of his insecurities. Following her exit from the show, some fans supported her decision and called her mature, while other just questioned her in disbelief. Because after all, this is the format of the show. It has been running for 23 seasons so far. 




So, did Dehlbom make a good decision by leaving? Or was it haste? Dehlbom let her emotions get the best of her. She could have easily stayed back and seen if she had a chance till the end with Underwood. During their one on one date to the fair, Dehlbom and Underwood connected really well, in a way that he has not connected with other contestants.

Dehlbom surely knew what she was signing up for when she joined 'The Bachelor'. Though her decision to leave might be a mature one, it also seems kind of selfish to think that she wants Underwood all to herself. Because they are also here fighting for the same prize - Underwood's love. And let's not forget the other contestants who signed up for 'The Bachelor' and didn't make the cut. 




The worst part was her thinking twice. If she had already decided why should she think twice? She also revealed that she could not accept his proposal. Which is way too overconfident if you ask me. Did she really think she was going to get the ring so soon? 

Overall, Dehlbom did make a hasty decision by leaving. She could have given herself and Underwood a chance to see if things actually work and not leave so early into the season. Though she left, some fans are rooting for her to be the next Bachelorette or in Bachelor in Paradise, but I don't think that would do Dehlbom any good either. She might just get bored or let her emotions get the best of her again and leave the show just like she did now. 

'The Bachelor' season 23 airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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