Colton Underwood hypocritically remarks about Cassie Randolph not reusing paper towels, days after he said reusing period underwear is gross

Colton Underwood hypocritically remarks about Cassie Randolph not reusing paper towels, days after he said reusing period underwear is gross

'The Bachelor' season 23 came to an end recently.  Ever since Colton Underwood's happy ending with Cassie Randolph, we haven't heard much from the new couple but we can see that they are quite active on social media. They often upload pictures with them spending time together alone mostly and sometimes with friends and family too.

Though the couple might post pictures showcasing public displays of affection, it is yet to be revealed as to whether Underwood is still a virgin, or if he has taken the plunge with Randolph. Apart from headlines about their newfound romance, Underwood has been in the headlines recently for his comment on period underwear.


For those who aren't aware of Underwood's comment, he appeared on E!'s new talk show 'Ladygang' alongside hosts Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek. And on being asked if he will be able to tell the difference between a woman's "cute underwear or period underwear," his response left everyone appalled, the hosts, the fans and all the viewers who watched the interview.

"There's a difference? You keep ’em around? Go buy new underwear. Throw them away, and go buy new underwear. Throw them away. I as a husband and a boyfriend will go buy you new underwear. That is so gross. So if you sh*t your pants, are you just going to wash them? No, you’re throwing them away," said the bachelor.

Those comments received massive backlash from fans and viewers. Some called him immature and others said he isn't ready to get married. With that said and done, Underwood's comment on period underwear and calling it gross was sort of forgotten about, until now. 


Recently in an interview with Young Hollywood, Underwood revealed a few things Randolph does, which he isn't the biggest fan of. Among them is the fact that she does not reuse paper towels. “She leaves the water running when she brushes her teeth. That gets to me. That one and she uses way too many paper towels. She doesn’t know how to reuse something. She’ll like wipe it once and throw it away and then she goes and gets another one and I’m like ‘you could just use the other side of that paper towel.’ But, you know, everybody has their things. I’ll let her have hers,” he said. 




But Underwood is not one who can talk about reusing things. After all, he did say that women should not reuse period underwear and should just throw them out and by new ones. Considering both the comments Underwood made, it does make him seem a little like a hypocrite.


While a few fans disapproved of Randolph for wasting water, others stated it was the same when Underwood himself is being wasteful. "Why are people trashing on Cassie for her wasteful habits when Colton was encouraging her to be wasteful with her period panties? It’s the same thing. They both have the same mentality about it just with different things," wrote a fan on Reddit. 





While another added, "He's a moron who was trying to be funny. And the way he describes Cassie here makes me think she probably does throw every period underwear away." Another fan said, "I definitely share his pet peeves of people not reusing paper towels when they can and leaving the water on when brushing teeth or washing dishes lol. But yeah, buying new panties every month feeds into some f**ked up shit and is not sustainable. The mass production of clothes is actually extremely harmful to the environment and very exploitative of humans. I wish he saw both sides of this a bit better. Reduce, reuse, recycle, my frens (sic)."

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