'The Bachelor' season 23: Heather Martin shares her first kiss ever with Colton Underwood but fans are not buying that story

Heather Martin finally kissed a boy and she liked it... But fans think her story is fake and that there are chances that she might have kissed guys before.

                            'The Bachelor' season 23: Heather Martin shares her first kiss ever with Colton Underwood but fans are not buying that story

It's Friday which means, there are just two more days before 'The Bachelor' season 23 airs their sixth episode. Looking back at what happened on 'The  Bachelor' on Monday, it was definitely a lot more than viewers and fans expected to witness. Especially all in one day. 

Overall the fifth episode of 'The Bachelor' was filled with quite a lot of a romance. From Colton Underwood spending an entire night with Cassie Randolph on their very first one-on-one date to Heather Martin going from never-been-kissed to sharing her first kiss with Underwood. 

For Martin, the kiss ought to have been extra special since it supposedly was her first kiss ever. The 23-year-old contestant from California revealed that she had dated guys earlier but never felt a connection that made her want to kiss them. Martin even revealed that she had dated a guy back in college for around eight months and still did not kiss him. 



Though fans were really fond of her because of her decision to wait, some called her story fake after she received her first kiss from Underwood, just five weeks after meeting him. Although Martin revealed that she felt Underwood deserved to be at the receiving end of her first kiss because he is kind and sweet, some fans are not buying her story. 

Not just the part where she spoke about why she decided to give Underwood her first kiss. But the whole idea of Martin not kissing anyone till date. "She said she didn’t want to kiss anyone until she was sure it was going to go somewhere. Until she felt it was special. And she was sure about Colton after 5 weeks? She said she dated that guy for 8 months after college. She’s 23. “After college” isn’t too long ago... After college was probably last year! What changed that she’s so willing to kiss someone that isn’t a sure thing? I’m just confused, her story didn’t make sense, there was no logic to it...." wrote a viewer on Reddit



While another fan added, "I can believe she's never been kissed. But what I don't believe is that she really sees a future with Colton. I think she might've just wanted to get it over with and thought doing it on national television would be cool." Another fan wrote, "How could she have been in other relationships and never kissed anyone? Can’t be the truth." 

Apart from all this backlash about her story being fake, Martin also received appreciation and love from fans for waiting so long and having the perfect first kiss ever. "She’ll never have another kiss ever compare . . . On the beach, a rose and fireworks. I feel for any other guy that wants to kiss her. #TheBachelor," wrote a fan. "Yay!! First kiss. The one by which all others will be measured and found wanting!" wrote another. 




While it all might be sunshine and rainbows for Martin right now, we will have to wait till the future episodes to see if Martin and Underwood end up together. Or if Martin gets sent home without her love. 

'The Bachelor' airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.