'The Bachelor' season 23: Colton Underwood didn't jump the fence this week as well and fans are getting impatient

Throughout all the drama, heartbreaks and romance that we witnessed, the one thing that had fans and viewers hooked on to the show was Colton Underwood's fence jump

                            'The Bachelor' season 23: Colton Underwood didn't jump the fence this week as well and fans are getting impatient

This week 'The Bachelor' fans are on a mission and no, it has nothing to do with Colton Underwood finding a prospective partner or even him losing his virginity. This week fans are all about a 'fence' and why on earth did the Bachelor Underwood scale and fence? What was he running away from?

The show's makers had been teasing fans with sneak peeks and deleted scenes from the season. There were snippets of romance and drama and emotions and there was fence-jumping. Yes, they teased a scene right at the beginning of the show showing Underwood jump a fence. Now with a decent amount of episodes down the line, fans are wondering when they get to see an emotional Underwood jump the fence. 




And recently before the February 11 episode aired, the Twitter page of 'The Bachelor' and Underwood himself teased the fans that the jump would happen. Well, it said I am going to jump the fence on a Monday. 




Monday came and went, and while viewers were glued to their screens to try and find out why Underwood jumped the fence, they were left hanging.  It was later revealed that the fence jump of Underwood would happen in next week's episode. 

By the end of Monday's episode, Underwood was confused and emotional after he heard, Sydney, Katie, and Demi Burnett warn him about the other women who are left in the house. They warned him saying that he is making a safe choice, but he would have to figure out the women in there who weren't here for marriage. Though the episode ended with Underwood confronting the remaining seven contestants and revealing that he wants answers. It still would have been nice to see the jump before the episode ended on Monday. 




And the Twitterati seems to think so too. After not witnessing Underwood jump the fence after he posted it on Twitter, fans were not happy about the tease. "I swear if I don't get Colton jumping that fence! And they show us a to be continue, I'm going to JUMP my own fence!! #thebachelor," wrote a fan. While another added, "At this point Bachelor nation is WAY more excited to see Colton jump a DAMN FENCE than losing his virginity #TheBachelor." 

And now that fans finally know that the fence jump will be happening next week, they cannot contain their excitement for Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor.' "Yes! Yes!! The fence jump is next week!!!! There’s an ex too??! #thebachelor," said a fan. While another added, "Another week spent getting my hopes up thinking we’d actually see Colton jump the fence #TheBachelor." 




Through all this drama happening in the episodes, it is quite hard to predict what might be the reason that Underwood jumps the fence. What might be the reason he gets so emotional and cries? In a recent teaser that was shared on the social media page of 'The Bachelor', we witnessed that even the women in the mansion are shocked to see Underwood jump over the fence and run. No one knows what to expect right now. 

'The Bachelor' season 23 airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.