'The Bachelor' Season 23: Are Katie, Sydney and Demi right in warning Colton Underwood about the other girls?

The sixth episode of 'The Bachelor' saw a record number of five eliminations, with three of the contestants warning Underwood about making "safe choices"

                            'The Bachelor' Season 23: Are Katie, Sydney and Demi right in warning Colton Underwood about the other girls?

Season 23 of 'The Bachelor' has released just 6 episodes till date, but the drama and romance on display every week already has us overwhelmed. With the 30 initial contestants now pared down to just seven, it is surely a tough call to make as to who might ultimately win Colton Underwood's heart. 

On Monday's 6th episode, a total of five contestants were sent packing. Overall it ended up being a really emotional episode, with a genuine crisis embedded in it, as Underwood was left wondering if the seven women left in the show were playing tricks on him. 



First, we witnessed Onyeka and Nicole get sent home during the Rose Ceremony. Finally, the bullies got eliminated one after another. Next up was Sydney, who quit the show after she realized that things between her and Underwood weren't working out. 

Sydney revealed that Underwood was getting distracted by "shiny objects" and decided to leave the show midway just like Elyse Dehlbom last week. “You’re making safe choices with the people you are pursuing," Sydney told Underwood before she left. 


But Sydney wasn't the only one to warn Underwood about the remaining contestants. Following his talk with Sydney, Demi Burnett later went in and confessed to Underwood that she is falling in love with him. Sadly, Burnett was turned down by him, who said he didn't feel that way about her. Seeing no future with her, Underwood sent her home immediately without bothering with the Rose Ceremony.

But before she left, she had a piece of warning for Underwood that mirrored what Sydney had told him. "There are certain girls here who seem like a safe choice, but at the end of that, it’s not going to be safe. And you’re not going to end up happy in the long run," Burnett warned Underwood. 


Underwood's reservations about the remaining girls were confounded further when at the end of the Rose Ceremony, an eliminated Katie told Underwood something similar.

"There are girls that are here that just aren’t ready," revealed Katie. 

With the warnings from the three  — Katie, Sydney and Demi Burnett — could it be true that Underwood is making a bad decision with the remaining contestants? According to me, Underwood is making a mistake by letting the good ones go.

Fishy contestants among the remaining girls 


In the beginning everyone cheered for Hannah Godwin, hoping she would win. But six episodes down the line, we still don't know much about her, making her something of a suspect in our eyes. When it comes to Caelynn Keyes and Hannah Brown, the duo has been giving fishy vibes right from the beginning. Starting from their pageant drama, we are still unaware of who is at fault. 

The next iffy contestant left on the show is Tayshia, who looks like the next one likely to stir up drama now that Burnett has left the show. With the majority of the contestants left on the show not exactly giving pleasant vibes, it's a possibility that Underwood might end up making a bad life choice with any of these four. 


That said and done, this week's episode was one of the most unexpected and fans and viewers never saw it coming. Five contestants going home in a single episode might be a first for the series. Could it be that Underwood let the right one slip through these eliminations? 

After whatever transpired in the last two episodes, I think that next Monday's episode will be full of surprises as well. And by the looks of the teaser, we are headed for for one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. Fans and viewers will also get to see Underwood finally jump the fence. 


I think Heather Martin, Hannah Brown and Kripa Sudick might be the ones to get eliminated. If you are pondering over that statement, it is because they are the ones who Underwood has spent less time with compared to the others. 

'The Bachelor' season 23 airs every Monday on ABC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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