The Bachelor: Bonus clip of Cassie and Colton making out doesn't sit well with fans

Fans are also picking up signs that Underwood might end up being with Cassie as they both were shown going on a date on Valentine's Day

                            The Bachelor: Bonus clip of Cassie and Colton making out doesn't sit well with fans

With just seven contestants left in the running and the show finale fast approaching, fans have had mixed emotions about the ongoing season 23 of 'The Bachelor'. While some have absolutely loved this season with Colton Underwood as the bachelor, others seem to be fed up with just seeing him making out with the contestants.

Apart from the ample drama and romance that permeate each episode, there is one more thing the series is well-known for: Deleted scenes.

Till date the show has released a number of deleted secenes from each episode, and each has been emotional as hell. After seeing the deleted scenes, fans came down hard on the producers for editing them out while keeping the parts showing Underwood either showering or making out with one of the contestants.


On Valentine's Day, the series' social media page released yet another deleted scene. But this time, it wasn't an emotional one or one that deserved to be released.

It was a clip of Underwood and Cassie Randolph on their one-on-one date. The clip shows Underwood and Randolph in a room, with him giving her a seashell that he found while walking on the beach. While that act was thoughtful and romantic of Underwood, the part that came after was the one that got fans riled up at the producers. 

After Underwood gave Randolph the seashell, the duo starts to make out yet again and fans are mad because of that. The producers have already shown a lot of romance throughout their episodes. To show it again in the deleted clip didn't go down well with fans, who stated that it was not a bonus scene as their entire date consisted of just a make-out session.

And if you recall their date, it did consist of that alone. We barely saw the duo have a proper conversation. 


"Bonus scene?! That was the whole date. Words weren’t even spoken," wrote a fan. While another added, "I'm grossed out by the mics picking up all those kiss noises tbh." Fans also found the little conversation Underwood had with Randolph to be boring because he kept repeating the same thing over and over. "Was I the only one bored stiff on this date?? When he went on abt how smitten he was I was like huh!??? I could have fast-forwarded right through it," said a fan.

Through all this, fans are also picking up on signs, stating that maybe Randolph would be Underwood's pick in the end. Because the series did not share a clip of Underwood with anyone else, but just with Randolph on Valentines Day. But we still don't know whether Randolph is ready to commit to Underwood.


To see what happens between the duo and if their relationship blooms, we will have to wait till Monday when the next episode of 'The Bachelor' season 23 airs on ABC.