Will 'The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph accept Colton Underwood's proposal?

Will 'The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph accept Colton Underwood's proposal?

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph's journey of love on 'The Bachelor' season 23 was not a smooth ride. When 'The Bachelor's season 23 began, Underwood started by dating over 20 other women at the same time but toward the end, he fell in love with Randolph. And while she initially didn't love him, Underwood remained resilient and, in the end, managed to win her heart. Though the two are head over heels in love with each other, they are not yet engaged and revealed that they are taking things slow.



Though they are quite open about their relationship on social media, everyone is still curious to know if marriage is in the books for them anytime soon. Recently in an interview with People, Underwood revealed that he will propose to Randolph within the next year. Now that Underwood has confirmed that there might be an engagement pretty soon, fans are now divided with the thought if Randolph will end up accepting Underwood's proposal. 

"At this point in their relationship, I don't see it happening. She only recently told him that she loved him. She might not be completely sold on marriage just yet. I think Colton will take it slow, just as he was willing to wait for her to fall in love with him," wrote a fan on Reddit. Another fan added, "She would agree, but possibly get cold feet later."



Though some fans are divided with their opinion, some believe that Randolph will accept Underwood's proposal. "They look extremely happy. I think she would say yes but I doubt Colton will propose without knowing. They would probably look at rings and stuff first etc. I don’t think it will happen this year," said another fan. At the same time, fans also reveal that they should not hurry to get married and take their time.


"It ain't 1950 and he shouldn't propose until they've already had conversations where they've both expressed it's what they want and they're ready," a fan said. Another added, "Those two seriously need to wait for that new relationship energy to chill before they make any engagement plans."



Whatever may be the scenario we cannot wait to see what happens and if Underwood decides to propose to Randolph anytime soon, we just hope that Randolph ends up liking the ring this time. Because recently on Jimmy Kimmel's show Randolph saw the Neil Lane engagement ring. But she returned it because it was ugly. Hopefully, it does not happen again.  

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