'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans believe season finale was staged, and that Cassie Randolph will leave Colton Underwood

'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans believe season finale was staged, and that Cassie Randolph will leave Colton Underwood

When 'The Bachelor' season 23 first premiered on ABC in January, 30 women were competing to win Colton Underwood's heart. Sadly, only one woman could make her way into his heart and that was none other than front runner Cassie Randolph. 

However, things went haywire when Randolph revealed that she is not ready to be engaged and quit the competition during the Fantasy Suite round. After being snubbed, Underwood turned into a contestant himself and tried to win back Randolph. He told other contestants Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin that he was in love with Randolph and set out to go win her back.


Thankfully, his efforts paid off and Randolph came back to him. However, the finale did not end with the typical engagement like other seasons. So, while Underwood and Randolph are currently having a great time as a couple, some fans speculate that the entire finale might have been scripted.

Many believe that Randolph quitting the show and Underwood's efforts to get her back were staged. "Am I the only one that thinks the whole thing was staged? The girls saying Cassie wasn’t there to get married, then she backs out at the last minute, Colton has 2 run after her, she happens to still be in Portugal after she dumps him, then catches stronger feelings after 1 more date?," wrote a fan. Another added, "I just want to know if it was all staged or genuinely played out this way? It’s driving me crazy!" 

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My heart is so FREAKING happy! I can’t stop smiling 💛

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Many believe that Randolph is in this relationship just for the time being and will eventually break up with Underwood. "Cassie is gonna break his heart so sorry to say but everything between these 2 looks awkward & forced cause she trying to fall in love. If you have to try the relationship prob not gonna fly. Cassie's your sister mate not soul mate. Good luck finding true love, they're out there. [sic]" Another fan added, "I do not have a good feeling about this couple. I feel that in the end, Cassie will take the high ride. I liked Aiesa, I thought she was very mature, nurturing and loving. She always had a smile on her face [sic]." 

All said and done, there are still some fans who support the couple and think that they are really in love. "Haters gonna hate! Calm down people, you act like they stopped filming yesterday. Its been since what, September? Damn near 6 months and they're still together. Stop hating and just be happy for them! Its obviously working out now that they dont have cameras in their face [sic]."

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let’s go home and be normal

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Now that 'The Bachelor' is all wrapped up, we can't wait for 'The Bachelorette' which will premiere in May with Hannah Brown as the bachelorette.  

'The Bachelorette' will air on ABC starting May. Check your local listings for more information.

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