'The Bachelor' stars Colton and Cassie want to take things slow, while fans feel surprised by his 'honesty' now

'The Bachelor' stars Colton and Cassie want to take things slow, while fans feel surprised by his 'honesty' now

'The Bachelor' season 23 might have ended, but that doesn't stop fans from keeping up with the new couple - Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph.  

While 'The Bachelorette' season 15 with Hannah Brown is soon coming up, fans are still quite invested in the couple from the recently concluded season of  'The Bachelor', so much so that they have been following the duo's every move. Recent reports suggest that all's well in the lover's nest as Randolph moved to LA to be closer to Underwood. 


In an interview with ExtraTV Underwood opened up about their relationship. And after reading what he said, fans reveal if he had been this authentic during his time on the Bachelor he would have had more viewers. 

Talking about why the couple is taking things slow and are not living together, Underwood said, "I have a house north of Hollywood, and she is in West Hollywood. We are trying to do everything as normal as possible. I don’t think you realize how many important steps you miss in ‘The Bachelor’ process which is nothing against them, we want to make sure we do this the right way. Statistically speaking, for Bachelors, it's not very good odds, so I think us going against what other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples have done is probably going to work out in our favor.”

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph (Getty Images)

Adding to that he said, "We both feel like… living our separate lives, but still coming together at the end of the day is what's most important for us, and what's the right step for where we're at in our relationship.” And after seeing this few fans state that this is the sanest approach he could have taken. 


"Okay, this is obviously the most sane approach... But it’s annoying how he played into a completely different story while the bachelor. All he did was talk about marriage and not wanting someone who isn’t ready - which his cast has said he was doing, it wasn’t just the edit, and which was the reason Cassie got freaked out. It seems like he never wanted that anyway, which is great bc if he would’ve just given us this authentic narrative over the fabricated one and been true to himself the whole time, he would’ve been much more well liked," wrote a fan on Reddit. 

Adding to that another fan said, "He did everything possible to get the role and was hyper aware of ratings. He just wanted to be a tv star. Which is why so many people disliked him as bach in the first place. If he had been authentic from the start, he probably would’ve still gotten the role and been much more well liked." 

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