'The Bachelor's fans are not digging Caelynn calling Underwood big brother weeks after she said she loved him

After hearing what Keyes said in an interview, fans reveal that the sentiment was sweet but firmly believe Keyes was never really in love with Underwood

                            'The Bachelor's fans are not digging Caelynn calling Underwood big brother weeks after she said she loved him

Season 23 of 'The Bachelor' came to an end recently and ever since we have been following the new couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on their journey of newfound romance. Apart from Randolph and Underwood, we also know what a few other bachelor contestants are up to currently. 

Recently we even got to know that Randolph moved to Los Angeles with her sister so she could be closer to Underwood. Taking to her Instagram profile she uploaded a picture with the caption that said, "Today marks a new chapter for me and @michellerandolph! I’m not abandoning my beach home, (since I’ll be interning for grad school in [Huntington Beach]) but adding a city home to the mix 🌻 And bonus, I’m now closer to Colton 💛 so yay!”



Apart from that Randolph also revealed that she is moving into the same building that former bachelor contestant Caelynn Keyes stays. "OH and in the same building as Caelynn! Any other S23 girls wanna join? 😉" she continued in her post. This was the first time we've heard anything about Keyes after her 'Women Tell All' episode on 'The Bachelor'. 

But recently in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Keyes revealed that she and Randolph stay just two floors apart and are now best friends. Apart from that she also revealed that Underwood spends most of his time in Randolph's place and the three hang out a lot together.



The former bachelor contestant who claimed to be in love with Underwood during her time on 'The Bachelor' season 23 revealed that he is like a big brother to her now. "Cassie and I are so close. It's one of the best friendships I've ever had in my life. Sure, it was a little weird when I initially found out, but eventually, I was like, This is my best friend, and this is an incredible guy that I know. Why would I not be happy for them? So, I was able to put her—and our friendship—first," she said. 

She added, "Now, Colton's always at Cassie's, and we live two floors apart, and he's really become this big brother. People are taken aback and weirded out by that, but our relationship has truly changed. He's always giving me advice, setting me up on dates. It's so fun [living so close to Cassie]. When we need outfit help, we run up or run down—share clothes. It feels like we're on the Bachelor again. [Laughs.] It's a mini Bachelor mansion."



After hearing what Keyes had said in this interview, fans reveal that the sentiment was sweet but Keyes was never really in love with Underwood. "The sentiment is sweet, but I don’t think Caelynn ever had feelings for Colton. I think it was just for pretend," a fan wrote on Reddit.

Another fan said, "Caelynn seems fake because she was so overdramatic about how in love with Colton she was and she did a complete 180 and is now calling him her brother in a month's time." Another added, "And just a few weeks ago she was crying at the WTA saying "what the hell happened" to him, claiming she thought she would marry him and be with him forever and now she's all cool with him setting her up on dates just like that?"



Some fans revealed that they think Keye and Underwood being friends now is sweet but they are more interested in knowing who he is setting her up with. "I thought it was really sweet. She even mentioned she knows people find their dynamic/friendship weird, but Colton is now like an older brother to her. I've never found it to be weird (I'm one of those people that is still friendly with my exes), and Caelynn, Cassie and Colton have all been able to separate what happened on Bach and Caelynn's feelings for Colton, and become good friends. I more so want to know who Colton has been setting Caelynn up with, and I do wonder if perhaps her name was dropped around Blake over the weekend.. which I definitely wouldn't be against," said another fan.