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'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart': Julia may not love Sheridan, but Bachelor Nation does

Though Sheridan left the mansion without love, he is being showered with love from the Bachelor Nation
Julia and Sheridan (ABC)
Julia and Sheridan (ABC)

Sheridan's feelings for Julia didn't go unnoticed by anyone right from Day 1, but sadly that came to an end in Monday's (May 4) episode when Julia revealed Brandon is the one. Sheridan might not have received love from Julia, but he sure is getting a lot of love from the Bachelor Nation who said he deserves better. 

'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' returned on Monday for an all-new episode, and this week, the drama was surplus. With the six-episode season almost nearing its end, this week the series decided to stir things up a bit, as they felt the couples were lacking "chemistry". 

Chris Harrison entered the room revealing that though the couples seem content, they do lack chemistry, and hence this week they will be going on date with other people. In a smart way to squeeze out drama, they paired Ryan and Jamie, Chris and Rudi, Sheridan and Savannah, Julia, and Brandon. The last two pairings clearly didn't come as a shocker to anyone. 

Sheridan was not happy with the idea that Julia is going on a date with Brandon. But Julia, on the other hand, affirms it would bring clarity for her when in reality everyone knows she is clearly obsessed with Brandon. For their date, Brandon and Julia get to go to the Roxy and write a song alongside a songwriter. Not that it's any surprise but their song is about clarity. The duo also gets to perform the song they wrote at the Roxy. 

Julia realizes that Brandon is the one she is falling for and decides to break the news to Sheridan who clearly had no idea what was coming his way as he sat writing a song about Julia. Sheridan just decides to leave, swelled up with tears, he assumes something is wrong with him. 

Sheridan came here looking for love, and while he thought he found it with Julia, sadly she had her eyes on Brandon. Though Sheridan left the mansion without love, he is being showered with love from the Bachelor Nation. 

Taking to Twitter, a fan wrote, "Although he didn’t find love on #ListenToYourHeart at least Sheridan got the love from bachelor nation." Adding to that another fan said, "Team Sheridan all the way! You go get you a girl, bud. You deserve it! #ListenToYourHeart." 

"I just cried when Sheridan was sent home on #ListenToYourHeart he definitely deserved better," a fan shared while another added, "#ListenToYourHeart #Sheridan I wish you could see this post. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you! Your putting your heart out for the wrong people. You just need to find the one that gives back to you that’s real. You’ll know, when they want to be with you just as much."

"I’m starting a petition for Sheridan to be the next bachelor who’s with me? #ListenToYourHeart," a fan wrote. 

'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' airs every Monday night on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.