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'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' Finale: Show 'isn't worth watching' after Matt and Rudi's exit, say fans

Fans say they were robbed of the opportunity of hearing Rudi croon Whitney Houston after the duo decided to leave the show
UPDATED MAY 19, 2020
Rudi and Matt (ABC/John Fleenor)
Rudi and Matt (ABC/John Fleenor)

The much-awaited finale of 'The Bachelor: Presents Listen to Your Heart' is finally here, but die-hard fans of Matt and Rudi aren't happy about it. Rudi has quickly become a fan favorite contestant in the show, thanks to her divine and magical voice, while the chemistry between Matt and her, made them an instant hit amongst fans. Since, its the finale week, it is time for the couples to make a decision about their relationship with the fantasy suite experience just around the corner. 

In the previous episode, we saw Rudi express her feelings to Matt. Unfortunately for Rudi, Matt panicked as soon as he heard Rudi express her interest in him. He felt like he wasn't ready for it. So, when all the couples finally reached Nashville for their final performance, Matt had an epiphany. He pulls Rudi aside after their final song selection cards are handed to them. He tells her that he is not yet ready for their relationship, and doesn't want to fake it onstage. He tries to gently put down Rudi by telling her that she deserves someone who appreciates her and her incredible talent.

Rudi was naturally upset with Matt. She confronts him for leading her on all along if he already knew that he wasn't ready for a relationship. She makes it clear that she could have been with her family instead of in Nashville with him, had he told her this earlier. Later, Matt goes to her and gives her a heartfelt apology for causing her pain, but also expresses his disinterest in faking their relationship. He goes out of his way to ensure that Rudi understands that he cares about her despite everything. Rudi accepts his apology and explanation with a heavy heart. The couple then decides to exit from the show.

Fans were devastated to see Rudi and Matt leave the show. Several fans took to their Twitter to express how the show isn't worth watching without their favorite couple. A fan tweeted, "Not gonna lie, the show is not worth watching anymore now that Rudi and Matt are gone  #ListenToYourHeart." Another fan commented, "Anyone else just completely uninterested in #ListenToYourHeart now that Rudi is gone?" "I’m mad. Rudi and Matt were the only reason I was still watching #ListenToYourHeart #LTYH," revealed a fan. "With Rudi and Matt gone, I'm not really sure what to even cheer for here?? #LTYH #ListenToYourHeart," shared a fan.

Many fans also felt that they were robbed of the opportunity of hearing Rudi croon Whitney Houston. A fan expressed, "Gonna need a vid of Rudi singing Whitney. @chrisbharrison make it happen. We were ROBBED. #ListenToYourHeart #BachelorLTYH." "I cannot believe ABC just robbed bachelor nation of hearing Rudi sing Whitney Huston and we have 1.5 hours left with these boring a** couples #ListenToYourHeart," echoed another fan. "I really wanted to hear her kill that Whitney song  I’m devastated my fave is gone! #Rudi #LTYH #ListenToYourHeart @Listen2HeartABC @its_just_rudi," wrote a heartbroken fan. "Petition for @its_just_rudi to sing the Whitney song on Instagram live for us all #BachelorLTYH #ListenToYourHeart," tweeted a fan.