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'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart': Rudi and Matt impress fans with chemistry despite rocky relationship

With the series nearing its end, this week the remaining four couples made their way to Las Vegas in their very own tour bus
Rudi, Matt (ABC)
Rudi, Matt (ABC)

Rudi and Matt's romance might be on the rocks, but their performance of 'Shallow' from 'A Star is Born' sure wasn't as fans affirm it was the best compared to the other couples. 

'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' returned on Monday night for an all-new episode. With the series nearing its end, this week the remaining four couples made their way to Las Vegas in their very own tour bus. Last week we saw Chris and Bri confess their feelings for each other and take their relationship to the next level. 

As the competition comes to an end, it gets tougher, as every couple is trying to figure out where they stand. As for Rudi and Matt, we witnessed that Rudi is in love with Matt, but he, on the other hand, isn't. He claims there's a possibility of it happening, but he isn't there yet. 

Inspired by Chris and Bri, Rudi decided to open up and confess to Matt. He told her she was courageous to confess and he respects her. Rudi, stormed off crying, not knowing where their relationship is headed. 

This week, for their performance, the couple perform where Lady Gaga once performed. Right enough, the producers give Matt and Rudi 'Shallow' to sing. We all know that movie didn't end well, so take a hint maybe?

During their rehearsal, it was clear that something was disturbing Rudi from giving her best, and it goes without a doubt that she has one of the best voices compared to the others.  But when it came to the night of their performance, the couple impressed everyone with their chemistry. 

Taking to Twitter, fans said their performance was the best this week. "Matt & Rudi had such a great performance. Probably my favorite of the night! #ListenToYourHeart," a fan said. Adding to that another said, "Rudi and Matt deliver on every performance and I’m all about it. I would legit see them live #ListenToYourHeart." 

"Hands down!!! I mean Bri can sing but what Matt and rudi have on stage is electric!! #ListenToYourHeart," a fan shared while another added, "RUDI AND MATT BETTER WIN NEXT WEEK, this is the win we need!!! #LTYH." 

"Ok.... maybe i should swallow my words A LITTLE BIT. But.. Matt and Rudi... y’all are AMAZING!!! You got my vote!!! #LTYH," a fan added. 

'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' airs every Monday night on ABC. Check your listings for more information.