Peter Weber challenges Tyler Cameron with dance battle to raise money and fans aren't happy with the ambush

Peter Weber created a charity page to raise money for coronavirus aid and challenged Tyler for a dance battle

                            Peter Weber challenges Tyler Cameron with dance battle to raise money and fans aren't happy with the ambush
Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron (Getty Images)

Looks like Peter Weber isn't going to lay low for a while, despite the flak he's receiving from fans. He has once again come under the wrath of fans after he ambushed Tyler Cameron by challenging him to a dance-off.

Well, quarantining just got a little more exciting with Peter publicly challenging Tyler Cameron to a live Instagram dance-off. It all started after Peter created his TikTok profile a couple of days ago.

Peter, currently quarantining with Dustin Kendrick and Kelley Flanagan, created a TikTok profile recently. While he might be trying to take a page out of every other Bachelor Alum's book and create funny TikTok videos, sadly it didn't go that well for 'The Bachelor'.

He immediately started to face flak from fans who claim they felt secondhand embarrassment just watching his videos, and requested someone to delete the app off his phone. Not just fans, even Tyler Cameron took to Twitter and tweeted saying, "Hey @dustinbkendrick I’m going to need you to grab Peters' phone right now and delete the Tik Tok app #theboxgonewrong."

Now as a reply to Tyler's tweet, Peter called him out for a live Instagram dance-off. Not just any regular dance-off. Peter created a GoFundMe page where he publicly called Tyler out and challenged him to a dance battle for raising $10,000 for the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund. He shared that if he reaches his goal, and Tyler accepts the challenge, they will have a dance battle.

"I heard Tyler’s call out. Only one way to settle this. Dance Battle style... my goal is to raise $10,000 for the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund. This is a fund created by Center for Disaster Philanthropy.  As soon as the goal is reached, assuming Tyler accepts, we will do an Instagram live dance-off and have some fun!" his GoFundMe page read. 

While it might be a friendly dance-off just for fun, Peter is currently facing backlash from fans who claim he shouldn't have ambushed Tyler with this dance-off and should have first consulted him.

Taking to Reddit a fan wrote, "Wait a sec... y'all mean to tell me that Peter made a decision that comes with fairly serious consequences, without thinking through these consequences ahead of time? Ya don't say." The same fan later added, "Signing someone up for a GoFundMe without their prior knowledge isn't cool, even if it's for charity."

"I’ve found myself almost feeling bad for Peter for all the recent hate he’s been getting, but doing this without consulting Tyler first doesn’t help his case. It would’ve flown way better had he called TC up and assuming they are on good terms, have mutually agreed on a charity to raise funds for," a fan wrote.

While another shared, "Seems a bit shady on Peter’s part to set up a gofundme and not be secure that what these people are donating to will happen. It also seems like Peter is backing Tyler into a corner. If Tyler doesn’t accept, then people will be like 'it’s for charity, he must not be taking covid-19 seriously if he doesn’t want to help a charity for it'. Come on Peter, you can’t spring this on people. It’s embarrassing and it also looks poor for you as well if this doesn’t go through and all that money goes back to the donors." 

"Yikes. What makes me cringe the most is Peter’s disclaimer in the description: 'assuming if Tyler accepts...'” a fan wrote. Another added, "Although this is for a good cause, I don't appreciate the way Peter went about it."

"Peter should make sure someone wants to do this before involving public donations, he shouldn't have set up a gofundme and all involving Tyler without consulting him. So if it doesn't happen the money isn't donated? I don't know what Tyler will do but I think it should be fine whatever he does. Peter shouldn't have put him in this position. There are many ways to donate and help without making it messy. Edit: maybe it was a well intentioned thing that backfired, I don't think the intentions are bad, but it's just...come on Peter, don't set something up like this and involving a person you haven't even consulted first!" a fan said.

Tyler Cameron is yet to respond to Peter's challenge, but fans feel that he might accept not because he wants to but because he was forced, just cause of Peter's shady call out on GoFundMe. Till now, the page has raised $2,602 out of the $10,000 target. 

We cannot wait to see how this goes down.

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