'The Bachelor': Peter Weber draws flak as rumors about him dating Kelley Flanagan make rounds

Fans are furious with Peter for eliminating Kelley on Week 7 just to end up with her again after the series ended

                            'The Bachelor': Peter Weber draws flak as rumors about him dating Kelley Flanagan make rounds
Peter Weber, Kelley (ABC/John Fleenor)

'The Bachelor' Season 24 might've come to an end, but that doesn't mean Peter Weber has stopped searching for true love. Recently pilot Pete was spotted with former contestant Kelly Flanagan. The duo was seen on the shores of Lake Michigan on Wednesday afternoon.

Pictures that have surfaced showcases Peter slinging Kelley over his shoulder. Another picture showcased Kelley with her hood up sitting while Peter stood beside her. Looks like Peter cannot make up his mind on who he wants.

'The Bachelor' Season 24 left everyone at the edge of their seats wondering who he might end up with. Though he got engaged to Hannah Ann, she dumped him a few weeks later because he still had feelings for Madison. During the live finale, Madison came back, and they were going to give their relationship a chance until they decided to end that too. 

By the looks of him spending time with Kelley despite the current pandemic COVID-19, it is rumored to believe that the two might have something brewing between them. 

Seeing pictures of the two take over the internet fans are going crazy. Fans are furious with Peter for eliminating Kelley on Week 7, getting engaged to Hannah Ann, breaking it off to be with Madison, and ending it with her too, just to end up with Kelley again. Apart from that Peter is also facing backlash for going out during the lockdown when he is supposed to be social distancing.

Peter eliminated Kelley during week 7 of 'The Bachelor' Season 24 - Kelly, Peter Weber (ABC/Francisco Roman)

Taking to Reddit a fan wrote, "We wasted months watching Peter try and find a wife only to realize that he isn't ready for a wife and he is now hanging out with someone HE MET BEFORE THE SHOW STARTED and then still sent her home 5th. But Barb loves her so I guess the Weber house is happy right now." Kelley and Peter knew each other even before she could appear on 'The Bachelor'. The two apparently met at some party. 

Peter's mother Barbara also seems to approve of Kelley, as she called Kelley her favorite on social media after 'The Bachelor' Season 24 finale. Connecting the dots fans speculate that he might be going out with Kelley after all and are not liking it. 

"This is so funny to me like....peter should have just started dating Kelley after he met her at the hotel I really cannot believe we tolerated a full season just to end up where we started," a fan wrote. Adding to that another said, "I don’t care if they’re together. They’re both single, it’s shady but it’s whatever. BUT WHAT THE F*CK. Why are they out and about like there’s no pandemic going on? Seriously, a lot of these BN people are idiots! Peter, a lot of the people you know just lost their jobs. The least you can do is stay the fuck home." 

"What is so fu*king hard about social distancing for these bachelor people? You’re not being asked to go to war. We live in the era of Netflix and the internet- you can survive staying at home," a fan shared while another said, "Peter has a job that puts him at a higher risk of carrying the coronavirus. It's irresponsible of him to go from city to city and meet up with friends." 

"So Peter went through his entire season, proposed to his F2, because his actual F1 bailed, only to dump his F2 aka fiancé months later, and proclaim his 'love' for his real F1 on live tv. It’s not even a month removed from his finale, and he’s now back together with a girl that didn’t even place in his F4? As someone who’s only seen half an episode of Peter’s season, THAT is some shit lmao," a fan wrote. 

Another added saying, "Tbh I don’t care if they’re together or not but they shouldn’t be going out during a pandemic. They could self isolate together, but I guess being seen by the paparazzi and getting attention is more important than staying safe and flattening the curve."

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