'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Chase blames JoJo for rejecting him, fans say he's 'trash'

Fans were not at all pleased with Chase's temper tantrums after he was turned down by JoJo and called him out for his fragile ego

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!': Chase blames JoJo for rejecting him, fans say he's 'trash'
Chase McNary, JoJo Fletcher (Getty Images)

Season 12 of 'The Bachelorette' featuring JoJo Fletcher is easily one of the most memorable seasons of the show. JoJo's season had it all, be it over-the-top heartbreaks or mushy romance. It's never easy to watch a breakup and it was especially hard to watch it in JoJo's season. JoJo had to go through not one or two but three difficult breakups before she found her prince charming. One of her breakups was with none other than fan-favorite contestant Chase McNary.

There is no denying that Chase and JoJo had amazing chemistry, right from day 1. The duo were extremely comfortable around each other and the sparks were just flying. Unfortunately, Chase took his own sweet time to say "I love you" to JoJo. The bachelorette got tired of waiting for Chase to say those three words that she so badly wanted to hear from him. She tried her best to extract it from him, but she couldn't get him to crack.  

So, she finally convinced herself that maybe Chase wasn't the one for her. Just as she was ready to break off things with him, Chase expressed his love to her and told her those three words. With a very heavy heart, JoJo explained to him how she waited for him to say that to her for a long time, but unfortunately, she didn't feel the same way anymore. Chase got furious with himself and JoJo and began lashing out. 

When she tried to calm him down, he kept blaming her for everything. In his confessional, he revealed that he shouldn't have said "I love you" to her and that he regretted it. Fans were unhappy with the way Chase handled the rejection from JoJo and slammed him for his reaction. A fan tweeted, "Chase's broken ego is apparently more important than any feelings he may have had for Jojo. He's trash. #TheBachelorGOAT."

Another fan wrote, "Ugh. Chase showing his true colors with the breakup. He really felt like he DESERVED Jojo. Then went straight to anger and being embarrassed that he even said love. Not cool. #TheBachelorGOAT."

"Ok so Chase was totally gaslighting jojo but back then it wasn’t a thing. Yuck! #TheBachelorGOAT," pointed out a fan. Another fan slammed Chase with, "The fact that Chase took away from that breakup, “I shouldn’t have opened up”, is exactly what’s wrong with hegemonic masculinity. She’s just not that into you bro #TheBachelorGOAT."

'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!' airs on Monday nights on ABC. 

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