'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons- Ever!': Kasey's 'guard and protect your heart' line to Ali is making fans cringe

Fans cringed hard while watching Kasey 's over the top behavior while wooing Ali

                            'The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons- Ever!': Kasey's 'guard and protect your heart' line to Ali is making fans cringe
Ali Fedotowsky and Kasey Kahl (ABC)

In fairy tales,we see prince charming making proud declarations of saving and protecting the princess, with his love. While it's cute to read the mushy romance in fairy tales, if you use the same lines in real life, you'll only see people cringing at these words. Kasey Kahl, Season 10 contestant of 'The Bachelorette' clearly didn't get the memo on it.

On the latest episode of 'Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons-Ever!', host Chris Harrison took us down the memory lane with Season 10 of 'The Bachelorette', featuring Ali Fedotowsky. Ali's suitors went to great lengths to woo her and get her attention, but nobody can possibly match up to contestant Kasey's determination and dedication in wooing Ali.

Kasey, an advertising account executive pulled out all the stops to impress Ali. He kept constantly telling Ali that he was there to protect her and guard her heart. He also began declaring his undying love for her. But things took a wild turn when he decided to get a tattoo with an armor and a rose. He revealed that the armor represents him because he would be protecting Ali and the rose represents his undying love to her.

Later during their date, Kasey showed that tattoo to Ali and began singing to her. After watching his over the top behavior, fans were left feeling amused but also cringing. A fan tweeted, "Okay I know the producers love to stir the pot but Kasey’s tattoo is the #1 reason people shouldn’t be allowed to leave the mansion/hotels on their own #TheBachelorGOAT ."


Another fan wrote, "All kasey has to do today is be normal" "today's the day i'm gonna show ali my tattoo" #TheBachelorGOAT."



"Oh god Kasey’s voice is bad to begin with, I don’t need him to sing too #TheBachelorGOAT ," shared a fan.



"The way Kasey’s entire arc gives me major ptsd!! The second hand embarrassment is STRONG #TheBachelorGOAT ," revealed a fan.



Another fan commented, "Guard and protect your heart" RUINED. MY. LIFE. i cringe every time i hear it and it's all i can ever think about when i remember ali's season #TheBachelorGOAT."



'The Bachelor- Greatest Seasons- Ever!' airs every Monday at 8/7 c only on ABC. 


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