'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!': Nikki reveals why things didn't work out with Juan Pablo

Nikki Ferrel spoke to Chris Harrison about the lack of commitment from Juan Pablo

                            'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!': Nikki reveals why things didn't work out with Juan Pablo
Nikki Ferrell, Juan Pablo Galavis (ABC)

Season 18 of 'The Bachelor' came to an explosive end after the bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, turned down fan-favorite contestant Clare Crawley for Nikki Ferrell. Everybody was expecting to see an engagement proposal from Juan to Nikki. When he laid his eyes on Nikki, he started off by telling how much he likes her, and how their hometown date was great. He then recollected the incident when he sat down to have a conversation with Nikki's father. Nikki's father reportedly advised Juan to ask for a girl's hand only if he truly loves her.

When people heard Juan's words they eagerly awaited to see how his beautiful and heart-warming words would turn into a memorable engagement proposal. But he left everybody shocked when he told Nikki that he can't propose to her because he isn't sure about it, but immediately reassured her that he liked her a lot. Nikki could have just turned away and walked off from Juan and his ambiguous words.

Instead, she chose to believe and trust his feelings for her and decided to be with him. The couple was in a relationship for a little over a year, before they split up. So, what exactly led them to splitsville? Nikki sat down with Chris Harrison, in a virtual interview on 'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!' finale episode and tell him what eventually made the couple call it quits.

She began by explaining how she was totally into Juan and put in a lot of effort to make their relationship work, despite them staying in different cities. But she began to feel tired of Juan's lack of commitment. She stated how although she was ready to move to Juan's city, she needed to be sure that he loved her, and she built a good support system for herself in the new city. But when she realized that Juan was unwilling to tell her that he loved her, she was done and decided to pull the plug on their relationship.

When Chris Harrison heard Nikki's version of the story, he too reminisced about how he found Juan's behavior of refusing to say 'I love you' very odd, He recounted how Juan refused to say that during the 'After the Final Rose' special episode. Although things didn't work out between Juan and her, Nikki still loves her job as a pediatric nurse and is happily married with a pet dog and a cat!

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