'The Bachelor' season 23: Tracy Shapoff says Colton Underwood is no longer a virgin

Tracy Shapoff spoke to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about her time on 'The Bachelor' and revealed who she believes finally stole Colton Underwood's virginity

                            'The Bachelor' season 23: Tracy Shapoff says Colton Underwood is no longer a virgin

It's Monday, which means it's time for the two-night finale of 'The Bachelor' season 23. The season opened with 30 women entering the Bachelor Mansion hoping to be the one Colton Underwood would end up falling in love with. Sadly, not everyone could get a place in Underwood's heart. There are now just two women left in the mansion after Cassie Randolph decided to quit on the night of her fantasy suite date with Underwood. 

However, one contestant who was absolutely hated by fans, even before the season premiered, was Tracy Shapoff. Shapoff faced a major controversy before the season premiered when some of her old tweets from nearly a decade ago resurfaced on the internet.


In her now-deleted Twitter account, Shapoff had posted tweets fat shaming people, mocking disabled people, and — taking it a notch higher — she mocked those who appeared on dating shows. Not knowing that, in a few years, she would find herself appearing in one.

After the tweets had gone public and people started calling her out for them, Shapoff apologized for her extremely hurtful tweets. However, she didn't last long and was soon eliminated.

Now, with 'The Bachelor' and her offensive tweets in the past, Shapoff spoke to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), in an exclusive interview revealing what made her join 'The Bachelor' and sharing her opinion on Underwood's virginity.

Talking about what made her decide to join 'The Bachelor', she said, "Honestly, I wanted a new dating experience. I was really curious. I've been dating for a long time and nothing has really worked out for me. So I thought it would be a really fun, interesting and new experience. I love trying new things and meeting new people and I figured why not give it a shot. Unfortunately, obviously, it didn't work out for me this time, but maybe it will in the near future."


We asked Shapoff, if she was given the chance to appear on 'The Bachelorette' or 'Bachelor in Paradise', which one would she choose. "I would do either one given the option of either opportunity. I would love to be 'The Bachelorette'. Actually, I think it would be such a fun, amazing experience. I personally think I'd be really good at it. You didn't get to see me have that many conversations with Colton on the show, but I actually love sitting and having amazing conversations with people. So, hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to do something." 

During Shapoff's time on 'The Bachelor', she and Demi Burnett did not gel well. Burnett insulted Shapoff for her age and called her a cougar. Talking about that moment and if it got to her, Shapoff said, "I mean it kind of broke me a little quicker than I had expected to. Watching those episodes again, yeah, it still was a little bit annoying but I've been removed from the situation for a while now. So I was kind of able to see the bigger picture and laugh at it."


Finally, coming to the hot topic of Underwood's virginity, Shapoff revealed that she does not think that Underwood is a virgin anymore. When we asked her who she thinks he would have lost it to, she said it might be Cassie Randolph. "I think he would have lost it to Cassie. And I think that he should end up with Cassie as well. He made it very clear that he's very much in love with her and had really strong feelings for her. And, obviously, we saw how distraught he was when she wasn't fully reciprocating her feelings. So, hopefully, they're able to figure out and move forward," Shapoff concluded.