'The Bachelor': Fans hail the two kangaroos 'concerned' over sobbing Madison as best thing on the season so far

'The Bachelor': Fans hail the two kangaroos 'concerned' over sobbing Madison as best thing on the season so far

Bachelor Nation fans have found a moment of epic humor in the midst of the sex drama that went on 'The Bachelor' this week. After Madison Prewett finds out that Peter had slept with the other two contestants Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann, she politely excuses herself and goes outside to have a good cry.

Peter himself is crying at the table, confused about what to do. In the midst of this very serious and dramatic moment, the producers slip in a clip of two concerned kangaroos watching Madison cry and fans just lost it. 

"Even the damn kangaroos upset at Peters dumb ass," tweeted one fan while another said, "Leave it to the Bachelor film crew to give us the necessary kangaroo night shot to really vibe with Madison crying in the background #TheBachelor".

A third one said, "Let’s be honest. The kangaroos are the highlight of the season #TheBachelor."

Some fans joked about the kangaroos being the other two finalists. "Narrator: Hannah Ann and Victoria agreed that the kangaroo costumes were money well spent as they eavesdropped on Peter and Madison," one tweeted while another said with a laughing emoji, "Hannah Ann and Victoria dressed in kangaroo costumes watching Peter tell Madi he slept with them both." 


"My mother: Is that Madison with a producer? Me: Those are 2 kangaroos. shoutout to the kangaroos for being worried for Madison," tweeted another adding, "They're more concerned than Peter right now."

A second one said, "And the kangaroo concern wins the night"

"The kangaroo makes a good contestant at this point #TheBachelor," said one fan laughing while another said, "Even them Kangaroos are saying 'It appears there is a love triangle with this doofus and we gotta watch.' #TheBachelor".

Another fan quipped, "Even the kangaroos are like, 'Madi, baby, you gotta leave this piece of trash.'"

Catch the show Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.


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