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'The Bachelor': Did Matt James eliminate MJ Synder because she 'lied'? Fans call her 'insufferable'

One fan wrote, 'Wow I genuinely cannot believe that I used to like MJ she’s so insufferable yikes #TheBachelor'
MJ Snyder on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)
MJ Snyder on 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

The previous episode of ‘The Bachelor’ ended on a cliffhanger, as Matt James called Jessenia Cruz and MJ Snyder on a 2-on-1 date to talk about the “toxicity” within the house. After he sent Anna Redman home for bullying the new suitresses, Matt wanted to speak in person with Jessenia and MJ, after learning from the former about MJ’s “varsity squad” and “junior varsity” comments, directed at the ladies along with Victoria Larson, who was sent home in the last segment. 

In the latest February 8 episode, Matt says on camera that he has built strong connections with both the suitresses and then finds himself “conflicted" over choosing one of them. When he meets with Jessenia, she promises Matt that she’s only telling the truth and wouldn’t want to lose him over issues with MJ. Following their conversation, he says Jessinia has never given him a reason to “not trust her”. He later meets MJ, who tells Matt that she was deeply affected by the false accusations made against her and even admitted that she was dreading the thought of losing him. 


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Matt James, MJ Snyder (ABC)

Just when everybody was waiting with bated breath to see who Matt would be sending home, he gives the rose to Jessenia and asks MJ to leave the show.

While Jessenia said she was happy to know that she was validated for who she is, MJ said she still couldn’t believe Matt dumped her. However, until her exit and even after, MJ continued to deny ever making inappropriate comments about the new suitresses. 

Fans soon rushed to Twitter to express their opinion about Matt sending MJ home, praising him for his decision. The majority of them have noted that they wanted MJ out of the show as she was the prime reason for uncalled drama in the house after Victoria. 

One tweeted, "Mj just lied I don’t just mean to Matt I mean to herself #thebachelor" Another added, "Anyway, now that MJ is home I hope she can take some time to reflect on why she, a white woman, should stop using AAVE and saying things like “big hoops, big hair” in reference to her white self." One said, "MJ is full of crap. Total toxic bully #thebachelor " Another tweeted, "and mj is still trying to make herself the victim. this girl is insufferable #Bachelor" Another fan wrote, "Wow I genuinely cannot believe that I used to like MJ she’s so insufferable yikes #TheBachelor"






'The Bachelor' airs on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.