'The Bachelor' Season 23: While Catherine Agro is setting herself up as the next villain, fans have already started trolling

While we've seen numerous villains in the show's earlier seasons, it is safe to say that we can add Catherine's name to the top of the list

                            'The Bachelor' Season 23: While Catherine Agro is setting herself up as the next villain, fans have already started trolling

After a long wait, 'The Bachelor' season 23 premiered on Monday on ABC. And virgin bachelor Colton Underwood definitely made a striking entrance to the show as he kicked off his journey to find true love. Just like the other season premieres, Underwood met the 30 ladies trying to woo him. 

This season we were introduced to a certain amount of drama that we have never seen in other seasons till date. And it comes with no doubt that most of the drama came from pot stirrer Catherine Agro. In earlier seasons we have witnessed a number of villains on the show, but now it is safe to say that we can add Catherine's name to the top of the list.

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The premiere has just released and the 26-year-old DJ is already rubbing off negative vibes on the 'Bachelor' Nation. Could it be that she is the worst till date? Maybe. Does that seem to worry her in any way? No, she actually seems to be enjoying it. After all her motto is, "If you don't have haters, you're not doing something right."

We have no idea how long she will stay on the show, and if she will make a good connection with Underwood. So who is Catherine? And why do the fans hate her? Well, here's the rundown.

Just like Ben Stiller's character in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty', Catherine has a monotonous day job and an adventurous life when the sun goes down. She is a commercial real estate agent during the day and in the night, she is a hip-hop DJ. 

When Catherine entered 'The Bachelor' mansion, she gave Underwood her 10-year-old dog daughter Lucy hoping to find a way into his heart. But sadly that nice gesture of hers did not work with the rest of her personality and behavior throughout the premiere.


The sweet Catherine disappeared and the Regina George version of her appeared. Starting from the fact that she is not so easy to look at due to all the botox and fillers she has. (Overall it seems to look like bad sculpting work. To be honest, if they hadn't put her age, no one would get to know she is just 26 years old. She would look more or less like she is in her early thirties.)

And as usual, nothing misses the eyes of fans. After noticing the interruption she caused four times in a row and her 'I don't care attitude' fans have taken it as their business to roast the life out of her. And they are not making it any less simple.

"She legitimately looks like her face was sculpted from Play-Doh," wrote one fan. Another added saying, "Just mutilated her own face with bad work. I’m all for keeping a good villain around, but she’s tough to look at." Well if you come to look at it they weren't that wrong at all. She is like a perfect meme representation of one of the Wayans brothers from 'White Chicks' (Maybe she needs to find a better surgeon the next time she decides to work on herself).


After fans were done and dusted with her looks, they moved on to the next most annoying thing about her — the interruptions and attitude. "I can assure you Catherine 4th time is not a charm #Thebachelor," said a fan. Another added, "Someone gonna put Nair in this interrupter chicks shampoo bottle and it’s ONLY NIGHT ONE.#thebachelor."

Overall, the obnoxious attitude she had with her throughout the premiere is the main reason fans developed a hatred towards her. And that is not surprising at all. We can't wait to see what she brings to future episodes. But one thing is for sure, as long as 'Plastic' aka Catherine is on the show, the drama will be never-ending.

'The Bachelor' returns on January 14 for episode 2 on ABC. Check your local listings for more information.

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