The Bachelor's Bibiana Julian strips down to a bikini to show off the results of her workout

The Bachelor star is certainly focusing on herself for the time being, probably getting ready to make a return to yet another Bachelor show!

                            The Bachelor's Bibiana Julian strips down to a bikini to show off the results of her workout
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Bibiana Julian has won the hearts of many as she appeared on The Bachelor and on The Bachelor Winter Games, and it seems like there is a chance she will make her return to yet another Bachelor show. The reality star has taken to Instagram to share with her fans the results of following a good workout regimen.

Time and again she has posted pictures that show her progress and as much as we are impressed, we cannot help but think that she might be doing all this for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. On Sunday, Bibiana took to her Instagram to share a picture of her toned body. The reality star wore a peach string bikini with a caption mentioning she was on cloud nine after seeing the results of her workout. 

The last time Bibiana posted a picture in a swimming suit was a throwback picture from 2017. Seeing her being confident of herself and her body, one can probably expect many more pictures of Bibiana where she shows off her toned figure. 

This comes after Bibiana sparked romance rumors with Jordan Mauger when she appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games. The two seemed to hit it off immediately as the chemistry between them was hard not to look at. There were many who thought that they made a cute couple. 

However, after the show ended both of them did not comment on the relationship so it is unclear if they are still seeing each other. When asked in KTLA if she thought it is possible to develop a strong relationship while meeting on a place like The Bachelor, she said "real stuff" could develop on a show. "Absolutely. I think for me, I left obviously early, but even experiencing Winter Games I thought there and the connections I made with people I thought, this is real," she said. 

Adding, "This is your fairytale love story. They just provide a platform for people to meet," she teased. It's hard to know if she's referring to her own fairytale, but it's nice to know she has faith in the process." While very little is known about what happened, there is no doubt that Bibiana is now focusing on herself.