'The Amityville Moon': Release date, spoilers and all about Lionsgate's horror flick

'The Amityville Moon': Release date, spoilers and all about Lionsgate's horror flick
A still from 'The Amityville Moon' (Lionsgate)

Halloween October is here and that would mean horror movies galore. 'The Amityville Moon' is on the roster of some of the blockbuster releases set to spook viewers and the trailer generated enough buzz as it promised a proper screamfest. Directed by Thomas J Churchill, this flick joins the list of Amityville movies in recent years.


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Release date and where to watch

'The Amityville Moon' releases October 5th on On-Demand, Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD.


The werewolf movie follows two friends attempting to escape from a church home only for one of them to be slaughtered by a semi-human creature. The official synopsis reads: "What if a house of holiness turned out to be a haven of evil? As Alyssa and Karla try to escape from the church home that holds them captive, Karla is slaughtered by a vicious, semi-human creature. After Detective Kimball tracks down Alyssa at a rowdy biker bar, she tells Kimball that women inmates disappear every full moon, and shows him the silver bullets in her gun. Now the two must return to the halfway house to confront the priest and nuns — and the snarling, savage evil — that dwell within."



Alex Rinehart as Alyssa

Alex Rinehart (Getty Images)


Rinehart plays Alyssa, one of the key protagonists in 'The Amityville Moon'. She is best known for her work in 'Art of the Dead', 'Canaan Land' and 'They're Inside'. According to JoBlo, the supporting cast include Kelsey Zukowski ('Axe to Grind'), Trey McCurley, Augie Duke ('Bad Kids Go to Hell'), David B. Meadows ('Age of the Living Dead'), Katarina Leigh Waters ('Karate Kill'), Sheri Davis ('Angry Asian Murder Hornets'), Cody Renee Cameron ('Full Moon’s Corona Zombies'), and Tuesday Knight ('A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master').



Thomas J Churchill serves as the director.


The trailer sees two friends attempting to escape a church home which one of them describes as creepy only for a monstrous-looking entity to pounce on one of them. The remainder of the clip sees detective Kimball (McCurley) investigate only to walk into the jaws of death.



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