'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Who got eliminated in Episode 4? Here's why there was no second hour of CBS show

Episode 4 of the show had viewers hooked but not all the teams had a good outcome at the end of this leg in Paraguay

                            'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Who got eliminated in Episode 4? Here's why there was no second hour of CBS show

'The Amazing Race' Season 32 is getting tougher as each episode passes by. Episode 4 on November 4 saw the teams race through Asunción, Paraguay, while getting a taste of what life is outside. All of them were given different tasks that would allow them to experience the culture and traditions of people who lived in Paraguay. 

While the experience turned out to be wonderful for all, there were some moments in the race that left teams thinking that their journey on the show might come to an end. Two teams who found it hard to go on were Gary Barnidge and his partner DeAngelo Williams as well as sisters Kaylynn and Haley Williams. 

Kaylynn and Haley started off the journey with problems as the pair landed a taxi driver who did not know where their destination was. They struggled to find the location of their first task and it put them behind. Despite this, the sisters did not give up as they went about the game with a big smile on their face. 

While they managed to complete the task, the second task required them to choose between stacking a pyramid of watermelons or perform a traditional Paraguayan bottle dance. Kaylynn and Haley thought it would be easy for them to perform the dance and decided to go with it. 

Luckily for them, the pair was able to pick up the moves soon and get on with the game. However, they had a tough competition along with them as Gary and DeAngelo were also fighting to maintain their place in the game by doing the task of stacking the watermelons. Gary and DeAngelo had been the first team to arrive for the task, but they could not manage to finish it on time. 

After spending nearly three hours there, the pair finally got their clue and rushed to the pitstop. It was a race against time for both teams as they were rushing to make sure they were not eliminated. Gary and DeAngelo arrived before the sisters and got seventh place. 

However, luckily for Kaylynn and Haley, there was no elimination this week and the sisters were still in the race. While no one got eliminated, fans of the show were hoping to watch another episode as CBS had promised a two-hour show. Unfortunately, due to the elections, only one episode could air. 


The show made this announcement on their official social media page as they tweeted, "Update: the second hour of The #AmazingRace has been preempted due to election coverage. Make sure to tune in next week for an all-new episode!"

'The Amazing Race' Season 32 will air on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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