'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Teams become emotional as they make instruments for children by upcycling trash

Cast members had to make sure they constructed the instruments properly if they wanted to receive the next clue

                            'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Teams become emotional as they make instruments for children by upcycling trash

'The Amazing Race' Season 32 has reached Episode 4, things are getting competitive already. However, in the latest episode (November 4), the cast members had a chance to see a different side of the world when they raced through Asunción, Paraguay. Every time was asked to perform tasks that would allow them to see life in Paraguay. 

The first task that the teams were asked to do was build an instrument using the items they found in the trash. While it might sound off to many, it was common for people in Paraguay to use this method to make something good out of waste and resource it to form an instrument that would help the children. 

Every team was asked to collect the items that would be needed to make the instrument. Once they found the necessary things, they were asked to look at a sample of the instrument and start making the same. However, they had to make sure everything was in order so that the children are able to play the instrument properly. 

While some focused on building the instrument, the others found it hard to not get emotional. Hung Nguyen confessed it was hard for her to see the children playing the instrument as she had children of her own who were of the same age. At the same time, she was surprised to see them play so well using the instrument that was made of materials that would otherwise be called garbage. 

Will Jardell also got excited looking at the children play the instrument. He admitted the idea of having children of his own increased after seeing how all of them performed. Gary Barnidge also loved the feeling of seeing everyone perform. While some of them were busy admiring the children, others were focused on making sure they made the right instrument. 

Some teams made sure they did everything right from the start so they don't have to repeat the task. Meanwhile, others decided to go with their gut and do what they thought would be best. Fortunately, all of them managed to finish the task on time and move forward in the game. 

'The Amazing Race' Season 32 airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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