'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Jerry and Frank get eliminated after Kaylynn and Haley send them on a detour

The father-son duo got eliminated after they are given a detour by another team as they were already lagging behind in the race

                            'The Amazing Race' Season 32: Jerry and Frank get eliminated after Kaylynn and Haley send them on a detour
Frank Jerry, Kaylynn and Haley (CBS)

'The Amazing Race' Season 32 is getting tough with every passing week. This week, father-son duo Frank and Jerry Eaves struggled with their game. Since the start, they failed to stay ahead in the game and that came to bite them in the latest episode (October 28). The first task involved the teams going to a market to find all the ingredients that had been listed. 

Jerry and Frank struggled to find all the items. Even though they ultimately did, the pair forgot to bring the bag with them. All the teams were asked to carry all the items to another island for their next task. After reaching the island, the pair found out how important the bag was.

Unfortunately, they had to go back again to make sure they got all the items. Going back and forth took all the time from them. Despite this, the pair did not give up. They managed to finish the task on time. However, what they didn't know was that a detour was waiting for them. 

Kaylynn Williams and Haley Williams decided to detour Frank and Jerry because their friends Alana Folsom and Leo Brown were put on a detour by Will Jardell and James Wallington. Kaylynn and Haley wanted to help Alana and Leo because they had done the same for them in another task. 

Seeing how Frank and Jerry were already behind, they thought it would be a good idea to put the father-son duo behind. It seemed to work in their favor as Alana and Leo managed to complete the task while Frank and Jerry struggled with the second task. Despite this, the pair did not give up.

Frank became emotional and admitted he was happy to know that he had a chance to do the task along with his son. The pair had participated in the race to improve their bond. Even though they have been close, Jerry thought it would be a good experience to do something along with his father. The pair finally managed to complete the task. However, they were eliminated because they were the last team to arrive. 

'The Amazing Race' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS. 

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