'The Amazing Race' season 31 teases dinosaurs and glowing eggs in its upcoming double episode

'The Amazing Race' season 31 teases dinosaurs and glowing eggs in its upcoming double episode

'The Amazing Race' season 31 has dropped a new video teasing a "dinomite" double episode coming up on Wednesday, May 22. The double episode comes following last week's Survivor finale due to which the Race did not air an episode. TAR made a social media announcement regarding the same and said in a tweet that while there won't be an episode last week, fans "can catch the season finale of @survivorcbs tonight to see some intense competition." The Race had also dropped a reminder about the double-episode on May 22.

The Afghanimals in leg five of the Race (Source: Twitter)

Now, with the double episode almost here, the Race has teased viewers with a fun-filled leg in Dubai, where teams have to collect glowing eggs dressed in Tyrannosaurus Rex costumes. The teams look like they're killing the challenge, in which they have to collect five glowing eggs each. The sixth leg, which will also air on May 22, will feature a Head-to-Head Battle in Uganda. Head-to-Head Battles usually occur right before the Pit Stop, in two-team faceoffs.


The team which loses to the other will have to beat the next one that comes along and the final losing team gets eliminated from the race. The double episode sure seems to be fun-filled! Out of the Race 31's eight remaining teams, 'Survivor' team Chris and Bret can be seen chasing glowing eggs in Dubai on the upcoming episode, as well as Janelle and Britney, Becca and Floyd and Nicole and Victor.

While 'Team Fun's Becca and Floyd seemed to be having the most fun, Chris and Bret may have been struggling a bit finding their way around the challenge. Bret can be seen taking a wrong turn before Chris calls him back to move in the right direction. Chris and Bret had come last at the end of leg three but were not eliminated since it was a non-elimination leg. The team had to face a speed bump in the fourth episode, which they moved past without much difficulty. The Afghanimals seem to be having fun too, in what looks like a music-related challenge.

The preview after the fourth episode had made no mention of the 'Survivor' finale-induced break. With the Emmy nominations voting slated to begin on June 10, TAR may have to air a few more doubles and get the show moving before the nominations voting or make all of June's episodes available by giving advance online access to academy members by the May 31 deadline.


'The Amazing Race' has been shuffled around in various primetime slots on CBS through the course of its 31 season journey which started in 2001.

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