What the showdown between 'The Amazing Race', 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' means for reality TV bingers

For its 31st season, 'The Amazing Race' is pulling in Racers from previous seasons, Castaways from 'Survivor' and Houseguests from 'Big Brother,' and fans are ecstatic!

                            What the showdown between 'The Amazing Race', 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' means for reality TV bingers

'The Amazing Race', a reality show that started off as a bet between creators Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster in 2001 is all set for the premiere of its 31st season on April 17 on CBS, and we may as well call it the ultimate race! This time, 'The Amazing Race' will feature former Racers, Castaways from 'Survivor' and Houseguests from 'Big Brother'. RealityTV fans are ecstatic to see their favorites all in one race against time and one another and here is what we think may unravel this season:



Phil Keoghan, the host of 'The Amazing Race', said in an interview that he thinks fans will like what they have planned for season 31. While the answer to that is something only time (a week) will tell, fans do seem quite excited for this first-ever reality TV showdown. "We’re absolutely going to be trying some new things... every time we go out, we roll the dice because we’re trying new and different things and we can’t really guarantee that any of our gambling is going to pay off, but I’m feeling confident that we have the right ingredients to do something interesting," Keoghan said.



In the race for the cash prize worth $1 million, all eyes are on how fan favorites will use skill sets from their respective shows to last till the end. Will the Houseguests from 'Big Brother' with their efficiency to handle crisis outwit the Racers' travel experience? Or will the Castaways from 'Survivor' last till the end with their outdoor sustenance skills?

Fans are pumped to see stars from their favorite shows on The Race, with a huge chunk rooting for Rupert and his wife Laura Boneham, who had first appeared on 'Survivor: Pearl Islands'. Rupert gained immense popularity then by saving the day and providing food for his fellow tribemates by fishing for them every day. Will their team spirit and mindfulness get team Rupert and Laura to the finish first?



While Rupert may be loved for his personality traits and life skills, it is a known fact that the Racers must be athletic and fit to survive the tasks and hurdles that come their way on the 25,000-mile journey. So, it is safe to say that the couple's winning chances on the Race are pretty slim. 

The rage for teams from 'Big Brother' is also high, and sisters Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater are back for the third time on The Race. The team looks pretty strong with their experience from both 'Survivor' as well as 'The Amazing Race'. Rachel was seen on 'Big Brother 12' and won 'Big Brother 13', while Elissa featured on 'Big Brother 15'. Rachel was also part of 'The Amazing Race 20' and 'The Amazing Race: All-Stars'.



 With competition coming in from three of the biggest shows on CBS this time around, the stakes and pressure are high for the Racers. As the build-up continues, a few fans seem disappointed that The Race did not rope in their favorite from 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' Representation takes center stage again, and we are with the community on this one: We do not take tokens!