'The Amazing Race': U-Turn vote and 'Big Brother' war can upset the applecart in episode eight

'The Amazing Race': U-Turn vote and 'Big Brother' war can upset the applecart in episode eight

The drama on 'The Amazing Race' 31 is escalating as the season inches closer to its finale.

As the Race for the much sought-after $1 million cash prize gets more and more competitive, teams are on top of their game and getting snarkier with each leg.

Episode 7 saw the teams racing down glaciers in Switzerland, grabbing clues suspended in mid-air. The seventh leg, which was a Non-Elimination Leg had 'Big Brother' contestants Victor and Nicole coming in the last place. The team has sparked off a war with fellow 'Big Brother' team Rachel and Elissa.

The next leg will most probably feature a U-Turn which could result in either of the teams being eliminated from the Race. 

Teams free-falling over a glacier in Switzerland (Source: Twitter)

To spice up the drama, a new teaser video has revealed that the next episode of the Race, which will also be set in Switzerland, will have a U-Turn Vote for the teams.

The vote is definitely going to shake up Race 31 and can surely get nasty.

The war between Rachel and Elissa and Victor and Nicole started in episode seven when the sisters tried to tell Victor and Nicole that team Fun's Becca and Floyd may be planning to U-Turn them.

The conversation did not go as planned, and Vicole chose not to believe the sisters, who are known for their catty behavior on the Race.

With the 'Big Brother' bonding between the teams broken and alliances like the one between team Fun and the Afghanimals (both strong teams on Race 31) going strong, the U-Turn Vote in leg eight could mean a lot for the teams.

With the vote coming up, TAR fans are rooting for their favorite teams and the popular verdict in the 'Big Brother' war does not look good for Rachel and Elissa.

"Don't doubt Rachel and Elissa will be the ones that get voted for. Last week was almost like an hour of setup for this," wrote a fan on Twitter.

Some fans are of the opinion that TAR was better off without voting coming in. "The best thing about TAR is (or perhaps was?) that it didn't need the fake drama of votes like other shows," said a fan.


Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater (Photo credit: CBS)

Some fans think a stronger team than the 'Big Brother' teams will get U-turned as they present bigger threats.

Previous TAR teams like the Afghanimals, with their cutthroat competition, and Tyler and Korey could be easy targets.

"Normally, I would agree that it's a bad strategy to U-turn a team who may survive it, but the vote offers an opportunity for a bunch of teams to target a strong team and share responsibility without anyone, in particular, getting the backlash," said a fan on Reddit. 

Some others are going with their drama-hating gut instinct. "Rachel and Elissa have been the worst team by a pretty significant margin. Of course, I could totally see the stronger TAR teams be cutthroat about whom to target in terms of competition. I just think it's more likely that they're still thinking about Rachel and Elissa's deception just one leg ago and choose to take them out," said another fan.


'The Amazing Race' airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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