'The Amazing Race's new video featuring 'Big Brother' contestants Nicole and Victor screams couple goals

'The Amazing Race's new video featuring 'Big Brother' contestants Nicole and Victor screams couple goals

'The Amazing Race' has dropped a new video on social media, revealing how adorable 'Big Brother's Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo are as a couple. The video, in which the two were made to answer cute questions like "Who sleeps in the most?", has given fans major couple goals, with many tweeting about how cute the couple is, and others commenting on how Victor looks so much better after his haircut. The duo first met as competitors on Season 18 of 'Big Brother' and began dating shortly after. On Season 20, Victor proposed to Nicole, making fans swoon.

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo (Photo credit: CBS)

The couple, who came in second place on the last two legs of 'The Amazing Race's season 31, revealed that they "know each other pretty well" in the video that was dropped through the Race's official Twitter handle. To the question who sleeps in the most, the couple agreed that Nicole did. "Even on weekends, I'll cuddle you, I'll come back," said Victor, suggesting that Nicole would still be in bed. To the next question of "who cleans more", both answered that Victor does, with Nicole saying that Victor is a neat-freak, while he rebutted saying "you're really messy" to Nicole.

The couple agreed on most answers, except the one of "Who is the better cook?" to which both answered with their own pictures, ticking Nicole off. "You better not put yourself," warned Nicole, as Victor dropped his own picture to pick up Nicole's. Nicole demanded to know if Victor really thought he was the better cook and he struggled to make up excuses, finally saying that it was a joke.

The couple also agreed on the fact that it was Victor who made the first move, and Nicole added that it was at the 'Big Brother' house. To this, Victor remarked: "Debatable". He also said that "perseverance pays off" as he was calling "early and often". On season 18 of 'Big Brother', Nicole was in a showmance with housemate Corey Brooks, but the two called it quits at the end of their season. This was when Victor had his chance, swooping in and stealing Nicole's heart. 

According to the latest updates, the couple is taking their wedding planning process very slowly, mostly because of how stressful it is. 


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