'The Addams Family': Release date, plot, cast and everything else you need to know

'The Addams Family': Release date, plot, cast and everything else you need to know

'The Addams Family' just dropped its official teaser trailer and it is just what you would need to brighten up your tedious day! The animated feature that will be the latest in the series of adaptations of the classic Addams Family Cartoons has created quite a buzz already with its star-studded cast and dark, spooky, yet hilarious characters. Here is everything you need to know: 

Release Date: Save your spine for Halloween!

Perfectly fitting with its eerie setting, 'The Addams Family' has announced its release date this Halloween on Thursday, 31 October. Set aside traditional horror flicks this year — all eyes on the Addams family, please!

The poster for the film was also released recently and shows the Addams in optimum spook-mode, ready to give audiences the chills and leave them in splits, all at the same time. The cult-classic never disappoints; the poster also has "Think your family is weird?" scrawled across the top, and all in upper case. 


Cast: Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, and Finn Wolfhard spook things up

As you may already know, a star-studded cast makes this adaptation of 'The Addams Family' all the more exciting. And if you haven't heard, save the screaming for Halloween, but the movie features Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus), Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things), and Nick Kroll (Big Mouth) as Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley, and Uncle Fester, respectively. Adding to this, Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) was cast as Gomez ahead of the official announcement itself!






Plot: Animated satire to take us back to the 1900s

Starting off with the classic 'Animal Farm' reference, the teaser declares that "Some families are more different than others," as the animated characters on screen that resemble average American families transform, bit by bit, into members of our beloved Addams family. This should explain why the Addams have had multiple movies and series revolving around them, including a Hanna-Barbera animated series in the '70s, two live-action feature films in the early '90s, and a recent Broadway production. 


The new adaptation has Conrad Vernon, who directed 'Sausage Party', co-directing with Greg Tiernan while Matt Lieberman is in charge of the script.



The origin of the legendary family is from a fictional household created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. They appeared first as 150 single-panel cartoons, half of which were published in The New Yorker between their debut in 1938 and Charles Addams' death in 1988. They were a satirical take on the typical 20th-century American family, blinded by material pleasures, completely unaware of how strange and hideous they may have looked to the outside world. The adaptations have mostly stuck to this satirical portrayal of the Addams. MGM has given it an animated spin this time around, and here's hoping that it lives up to our expectations!

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 The Addams Family teaser trailer Release date, plot, cast everything else you need to know