Did Chiefs fans 'boo' during Moment of Unity? Internet slams Missouri says it's 'no different from Mississippi'

There were a few who claimed to be at the games and said there was no booing from Chief fans

                            Did Chiefs fans 'boo' during Moment of Unity? Internet slams Missouri says it's 'no different from Mississippi'
Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs (File photo/Getty Images)

It was supposed to be a good evening for football fans as NFL is back. The Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Houston Texans. And, in a surprising move, the hosts were allowed to have about 17,000 fans for the game. According to Sporting News, the NFL has decided to play ‘Lift Every Voice And Sing’, a song by J Rosamond Johnson and James Weldon Johnson – often referred to as the ‘Black Anthem’ --  before every Week 1 game this year.

As per Yahoo Sports, the Houston Texans stayed in their locker room for both the national anthem and 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'. The hosts were on the field for both songs. The defending Super Bowl champions were on their sideline during the national anthem, many with arms linked. According to the report, defensive end Alex Okafor kneeled during the national anthem. During Alicia Keys’s performance of 'Lift Every Voice and Sing', they were standing on a goal line.

However, when the Texans came out, the respective quarterbacks for both teams, the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Texans’ Deshaun Watson had lined up all the players for a moment of silence -- with arms locked. NFL tweeted: "A moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country. #ItTakesAllOfUs".  It was then that an alleged unsavory incident took place.



According to USA Today Sports, the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium were allegedly heard ‘booing’ during the moment of unity. And soon Twitter was abuzz with reactions. A viewer wrote: "The boos during the moment of unity should make it very clear that it was never about the flag or the anthem. Those people don't want racism to be challenged, regardless of the when, where or how."



Another fan who heard the alleged booing said, "I'm ashamed of my home town of #KansasCity Missouri tonight seeing #KansasCityChiefs fans booing these men. We should all be fighting on the side of love, unity, and equality."



Another said, "Doesn’t surprise me at all. Good ole Missouri is no different from Mississippi."



One stated, "The level of stupidity it takes to boo blm while wearing a patrick mahomes jersey is just… only in missouri. #cheifs"



Another user wrote: "So called "fans" at Arrowhead stadium booing a show of unity are everything that is wrong with America. You want those Black players, and their White teammates, to shut up and perform for you? YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM."



Another commented, "If you’re booing a moment of unity that has nothing to do with the national anthem, then no form of protest will ever be approved by you and you’re just a hateful person."



Another stated, "The booing of this sign of solidarity against social injustice shows that the “you shouldn’t kneel during the anthem” and “disrespecting the flag” arguments were coverups for other feelings... NOW WHATS THE PROBLEM???"



"If the NFL doesn’t acknowledge or address fans booing when players lock arms for a moment of unity, all of Goodell’s blathering on about social justice is merely performative," said one user.



An angry user commented at the fans' alleged behavior "If you’re a Chiefs fan and you’re booing your own players for using their HUMAN RIGHTS, literally never root for the Chiefs ever again, you don’t deserve them. You don’t deserve to spectate sports."



 Another user said, "Imagine being privileged enough to attend a football game during a global pandemic and then booing through a simple gesture of unity. So many ugly people in this country."



However, there were a few who claimed to be at the games and said there was no booing. One said, "People who are saying there was booing.. are you here at the game? Because I am and tjer was absolutely NO Booing during this time. People just trying to cause ruffles.. stop! Stop the hate!"



Another said, "I am here at the game. Support black lives matter with every fiber of my being. Think the people making noise were absolute morons, but they were not booing. They were doing the dumb deep voice "Chieeeefs"! Dumb as hell to be doing it then. I didn't participate. But not booing."



Another stated, "I’m actually here at the game and no the stadium didn’t, it was CHEIFSSSSSSSS. Clearly you don’t know the atmosphere."



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