From cradle to the crown: 9 strict requirements a royal nanny must fulfill if she wants to be employed

The royal nanny is just not a simple childminder but a trained professional who spends three years learning at the Norland College what her future duty may entail.

                            From cradle to the crown: 9 strict requirements a royal nanny must fulfill if she wants to be employed
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Being a nanny is certainly no easy task but wanting to be a royal nanny is a different ball game altogether. Loving children is definitely not enough for future royal nannies to apply for the job but there is a whole host of criteria which they must fulfill if they want to be considered. From being expert bodyguards to driving, to effectively changing diapers, royal nannies have their plate full when it comes to the protocol. 

These are some rules the royal nanny hopefuls have to keep in mind:

1) Their education and where they study 

Nannies who want to work with royal children get an education at the Norland College which is not accessible to everyone. The candidate must be in good and appropriate physical condition and should have the perfect bio with absolutely no blemishes or black spots. She must also be able to speak fluent English. The girls are also taught psychology, history, philosophy, sociology, and literature during their studies. In order to make sure that the women they are employing are serious about their charge and not looking for a shortcut to success and fame, the college insists that the candidates who are chosen for interviewing, write an essay on why they want to attend, provide a portfolio of previous experience and read a children’s story.

2) Electronic Baby practice

A nanny practicing with an electronic baby (Source: Getty Images)

Naturally, all future nannies will not be testing their skills on a royal baby to start out with and she will not be allowed to take care of a royal baby if she has never taken care of an electronic baby. These electronic little ones will wake the potential nanny up at night to ask for food or just attention and of course, they are not allowed to ignore a child's cries, electronic or not! 

3) Nannies have to double up as bodyguards 

In any sort of situation, a nanny must be able to defend herself as well as the baby. This is why all the prospective royal nannies are taught self-defense by former military intelligence officers. In the last course of their 3-year-long study, the candidates are also taught how to provide first aid. 

4) She must be a sharp and perfect driver 

All royal nannies must be able to drive perfectly and the child must always be safe with her. The nannies are also taught extreme driving to enable them to get out of any situation no matter how tricky. Most of the girls will be able to drive a car in difficult conditions by the end of the course. 

5) The chief nanny  

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton have not hired three nannies for their three children and they only have one nanny responsible for the children, Maria Borrallo. Borrallo graduated from Norland college around 20 years ago and started her duties at the palace when Prince George was 8-months-old. She is still helping the royal family. 

6) The nanny adopts a new family entirely

 Maria Borrallo (Source: Getty Images)

A royal nanny becomes a 100% part of the royal family she is with and must escort the children everywhere even during celebrations and traveling. She must live in the palace near the children and be within accessible range.  June Waller, who was a nanny for Elizabeth ll's third son Andrew, revealed that she was not allowed to use the phone until 8:30 pm after the day's work. However, this was in the 1960s and it is unlikely the rules still apply. 

7) She must know the meaning of confidentiality 

Maria Borrallo (Source: Getty Images)

Nannies are around to see the more intimate details of the Duke and Duchess she serves and it is clear that there should not be any rumors floating around the palace. You will never find a royal nanny on any social media and they must sign a document where they promise to maintain absolute confidentiality. 

8) No corporal punishment of any sort

Maria Borrallo with Prince George (Source: Getty Images)

Spanking children royal or not is not right and Norland college promises that none of its alumni will ever use corporal punishment of any sort to discipline a child. It is forbidden to even grab a child's hand. 

9) They do not replace parents

Maria Borrallo, the royal nanny, plays with Prince George (Source: Getty Images)

All nannies know that they do not replace the parents and it is the parent who is important for the child. Norland College also shared that it encourages the nannies to involve parents in bathing and putting the kids to bed. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.