Terry Crews accepts abuser Adam Venit's apology, only after his resignation

One of the first men to open up during the #MeToo campaign, Terry Crews has decided to put it in the past, following Adam Venit's official apology letter

                            Terry Crews accepts abuser Adam Venit's apology, only after his resignation

Terry Crews has finally decided to accept Adam Venit's apology, whom he had accused of allegedly groping his genitals back in 2016 at a party thrown by Adam Sandler. Now that the WME agent has officially retired, Crews posted a picture of the letter which Venit sent him as a sign of apology. Probably Crews taking to Twitter to post the letter which he "accepted with his resignation" is his way of indicating that he has forgiven Venit. 

Crews revealed the incident over Twitter around the same time the Harvey Weinstein scandal revealed some dirty secrets of the otherwise glittering industry. The NFL-athlete-turned-actor disclosed the incident in a 16-part thread.

While speaking with host Phil McGraw on Wednesday’s episode of 'Dr. Phil', the actor mentioned that the incident could have easily led up to a brawl. Along with his wife, Rebecca, he said that he had already spotted Venit sticking out his tongue at the actor in a rather perverse manner. When Venit approached him, Crews extended his hand to greet him, however, instead of shaking the actor's hand, Venit allegedly went for his genitals.

Rebecca, who was equally shocked by the incident, said, "Suddenly my husband backs into me, like his hips go backward, and he pushes this man through a sea of people. They went down like bowling pins. He pushes him, the guy comes back toward him. Terry has got ahold of both the guy’s wrists. He calls out to Adam Sandler, ‘Hey Adam, come, get your boy, what’s up with your boy?’ And pushes the guy again, and the guy gave up.” However, in the letter that Crews posted, it seems that Venit is sorry for his actions. Almost a year after the allegations, Venit had announced on Monday that he would be retiring. 


The WME agent had confessed to his close colleagues and clients that he had decided to retire. However, his retirement was certainly something that Crews was looking forward to. As Deadline noted, on September 6, Crews responded online to the announcement of Venit’s exit that day with the all caps proclamation: "ACCOUNTABILITY". Now again in his Twitter post, he has mentioned: "@WME ‘s ADAM VENIT FULL APOLOGY LETTER: Received: March 22nd, 2018 Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION: September 10th, 2018 #Accountability."