Who has Tekashi69 dated? Rapper punched ex Sara Molina in head, said Jade stood by him at his lowest

The controversial rapper has two daughters, whose mothers have very different experiences of him

                            Who has Tekashi69 dated? Rapper punched ex Sara Molina in head, said Jade stood by him at his lowest
Tekashi69 met Sara Molina when she was a teenager (6ix9ine, iamsaramolina/ Instagram)

Tekashi69 is a Puerto Rican-Mexican rapper from Brooklyn, New York City, who has appeared on a few tracks with Nicki Minaj, and is famous for his 2018 album 'Dummy Boy'. The 24-year-old has also been part of some serious legal trouble, including a charge for using and filming a child in a sexual performance, domestic violence and for his testimony against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, which led to several of his former associates going to prison.

Two new documentaries, 'Supervillain' and '69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez', trying to unravel the mystery of who Tekashi is and what motivates him, have popped the rapper into the limelight, making him a subject of enduring public fascination. Here's what to know about the rapper's love life.


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Current girlfriend Jade visited him in jail

Tekashi 6ix9ine began dating Jade, who goes by the username of ‘OhSoYouJade’ on Instagram, just a few weeks before heading to prison on racketeering charges at the end of 2018, as reported by CapitalXtra. The 24-year-old artiste even shelled out $35,000 on a watch for her birthday.

Jade, whose real name is Rachel Wattley, has often expressed her love for the 'Trollz' hitmaker, and posting pictures of herself while visiting him in jail. The rapper returned the favor sharing a picture of his girlfriend during his time in jail in a post that read: “You was [sic] there when nobody wasn't. You stuck by me at my lowest. For the people who think any different I do love you and for ever will! You are my world!!.”

Jade is often spotted wearing a long, rainbow-colored wig in honor of her rapper boyfriend, who is equally famous for his vibgyor locks. Jade has a large '69' tattooed onto her collarbone and Hernandez's face tattooed twice on her body.



Sara Molina abuse claims

Tekashi met Sara Molina, the mother of his five-year-old daughter, as a teenager. He has admitted in interviews and in court to physically abusing her multiple times. In 'Supervillain', which shows footage of her injuries as she waits at a hospital, Molina says Tekashi once punched her in the head so hard that he drove a hair extension into her scalp and left her bleeding and that he gave her a black eye. She said he beat her over a period of seven years and boasted about being a sex addict. 

The TMZ reported Molina saying, that apart from being an absent father, Tekashi and his family tried to use her then four-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, as a prop. She wanted Tekashi to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to demonstrate he's actually changed since his Nine Trey Blood days, before letting him anywhere near her daughter. In September 2020, Tekashi claimed that Molina was having an affair with former manager Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, alleging that they were 'messing with each other'.

In an interview with Rap Radar, Shotti suggested that Tekashi's PR team came up with the story about him sleeping with Molina.



Second baby mama Marlayna M

Hernandez has a second daughter, Briella Iris Hernandez (born November 19, 2018), with Marlayna M. Marlayna wrote to Judge Paul Engelmayer, in a letter that has since been made public, showing the rapper in a very favorable light.

Not only does Marlayna defend 6ix9ine's character, she also points to all the moments he has missed in their daughter's life due to his incarceration. "He lacked focus on the important things in life the things and people that gives a man his true purpose. He was too focused on what he thought was making him look "cool"," the letter reads.

"When I first met him in 2017 he was a very humble and charming man and I would never think he would do the wrongful actions he has done. I believe in him that as a result of this year that he has thought deeply of his mistakes," it says.

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