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'Tehran' Episode 7 Preview: Shattered Tamar struggles to carry out the power plant operation

A wearied Tamar reflects and struggles to gather her wits. Romance has been struck dead and there is only the mission to be carried out

The penultimate episode of 'Tehran' promises to be another wild ride.  Earlier, we saw Massoud (Navid Neghaban) being shot by Mossad agents as he knew too much. Frustrated Faraz Kamali (Shaun Toub) fears for his wife who is still in the hands of the agents. He is in a complicated spot as he is suspended from his job for letting Massoud go. Desperate to save her, Faraz decides to take matters into his own hands and track down Tamar once and for all. And so, he grabs hold of Aarezoo (Esti Yerushalmi) again and forces her to make a call to Tamar's father.

The episode ends on an ominous note: Faraz meets Tamar's father in Istanbul under false pretenses and the door shuts.  Meanwhile, Tamar's (Niv Sultan) friend Kareem closes in on Tamar and realizes that she isn't who she says she is and uncovers the real identity of Zhila — the woman Tamar is pretending to be. Things reach a peak as Kareem holds a knife and Tamar points the gun at him. Unfortunately for Kareem, the Mossad agents close in and before Tamar can do anything, Kareem is shot. Tamar pleads for the agents to not kill Milad as she "still needs" him for their mission. At the end of the episode, the agents take Milad into their custody as he knows too much and can pose a threat, while a wearied Tamar reflects and struggles to gather her wits. Romance has been struck dead and there is only the mission to be carried out. 

The synopsis for the next episode reads, "The incident at the commune leaves Tamar shattered; Kadosh tries to help her recover so they can set the power plant operation in motion."

'Tehran' captures a woman's plight as she embarks on a dangerous mission in her own hometown. The mission goes awry in the first episode itself, leaving her to be on the run. Faraz, the intelligence officer, is hot on her trail. In an exclusive interview to MEAWW, Shaun Toub explained the challenges of playing such a complex character. "In every instance, in every character, there are a lot of challenges because you are hoping that you're going to portray the character as best as you can. And hopefully, you are doing justice. I don't take a role unless it really talks to me. And I knew Faraz. I knew I understood him and I knew where I was going with Faraz because I wanted to make sure that it's not just a bad guy role. I wanted to show humanity, the complexity of this character and to be a multidimensional character. And that really is what attracted me to the role. In every instance, you just hope that you do the right job and luckily people enjoy it."

'Tehran' is streaming on Apple TV+.